Taxes etc……….

It is almost April 15th and here in the good ole USA that means income tax deadline is upon us.  I don’t know how it is at your house but doing taxes was never a team thing at ours, we did a lot of things well together, taxes was not one of them. I did them for the first 15 or so years, and then as Sharyl’s self-employment complicated things she took over. Not because I was incapable of handling complicated but her input was necessary and for me to remain involved would have required teamwork; so for the last 25 or so years she did them.

On or about April 15 each year she would tell me to “sign here” and I would do so.  Even the last three years she continued to prepare our package for the CPA; during that time I was involved but just as a go-getter; you know, “go get me the checkbook” or go “get me that manila folder out of the second drawer”.  I had absolutely no input and didn’t dare ask questions. She always took the CPA a very neat package with X’s in the right blocks and all documents in order.  I sure hope he can figure out what I presented him with this year. I apologized and promised to do better next year.

Housecleaning is another event that although it should have been, was really never a team effort at our house. Sharyl didn’t work outside the home during the first few years of our marriage and we kind of fell into a routine of her doing it; after she went to work I think she just didn’t feel it was worth the effort to get me to do my part to her specifications. I did help a little but I certainly didn’t do my fair share.

The past 3-½ years housecleaning has been my responsibility.  Although I failed miserably I tried to do it exactly the way she would have if she were not sick.  We have a combination of hardwood and carpet for floor covering. There is a small corner between the bedroom and the living room on the hardwood part that I fully believe I could clean hourly and there would still be a little dust there.  Sharyl looked at that corner every time she passed by, she never said anything because she knew I was trying but I could tell how well she thought I was doing by the degree of disgust in her expression.

One problem I have always had is a little hard to talk about; I’m not really afraid of vacuum cleaners but there is something about the things that make me extremely nervous.  Sharyl and I never discussed this, although she probably wondered why I always left the room and most of the time left the house when she ran the sweeper.  At one point during Sharyl’s illness I had a complete come-apart when her sister decided to vacuum the house kind of late one night.  I apologized that night and probably should do so again.  The problem isn’t as bad when I am running the sweeper but the things still make me nervous.

I do an adequate job with the kitchen and laundry, and I am in the process of establishing a new set of standards for the floors, dusting and some of the other little things.

The bathrooms probably deserve a blog entry of their own.

I do have one laundry or housecleaning issue that I have been struggling with.  If you would like to provide your input, feel free to do so.  Do I continue to wash the sheets weekly or is it ok to alternate sides of the bed I sleep on and just do the sheets every other week?

I went to the Dr. this week; just a routine blood pressure follow-up. I checked it before I went; it was 160/84, not real good but for me not too bad.  I was expecting the typical “get more exercise and lose some weight” speech.  The nurse checked it and got 110/80 I think my numbers were closer than hers but I was happy to take theirs and I didn’t have to listen to the speech.  While I was there I mentioned that it had been more than three years since I had slept more than 5 or 6 hours in a 24-hour period and that with my present lifestyle I was comfortable using something to help me sleep.  He recommended an over the counter product called Melatonin; I have slept 7 or 8 hours a night all week and I feel better physically than I have in a long time.

Please donate to Relay for Life or your favorite cancer research organization.

Please continue to remember our family in prayer.

Good Night and God Bless.


5 thoughts on “Taxes etc……….

  1. Here’s my input on the sheets, Dave . . . wash them when you feel like it. I think that alternating sides of the bed is a brilliant idea!

  2. I just read this and it brought a lot of memories back when we owned Jay’s and you and Sharyl had just begun to date. I love all my old T-town friends but forget to express it often enough.

    God bles all of you.

  3. Sleep is my best friend but certainly understand your reluctance in the past to take anything. If I sleep, I do well. If I don’t-everyone needs to watch out. Sleep will make the world better.

  4. I think just remember YOU live there….. clean is good, but it’s your standards. I got rid of most knick knacks because I hate dusting. I change sheets weekly, but some people do change sides, but I don’t….. I have my side of the bed… my sister eats off paper plates because she hate
    dishes even with a dishwasher….. I, personally, hate to eat on paper….. but I kept paper for her to eat her muffin off of in the a.m. when she visited.

    Just got back from visiting a friend in Spokane who lost her husband in Dec. She is really struggling, but is improving. Hang in there. You are loved and cherished by many.

  5. Dave I too hate the sound of a vacuum running. Doesn’t bother me to bad if I’m running it but when someone else is it just like nails on a chalk board.

    As for the sheets…hell I don’t know. I wash mine when I think about it. Sometimes its after a week sometimes a couple. Really depends on how many times I sleep on the couch.

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