Extremely Random……..

When is a toothpaste tube empty?  When do you toss it and open a new tube? Mine is at a point I need to make that difficult decision.  The empty or almost empty tube reminded me of a happier time, another of the little things.  This is probably one of those “I guess you had to be there” stories that I should leave on this side of the keyboard but it has been a long day and I need to write.

For many years Sharyl and I had this little competition (fierce battle, is probably more descriptive) to see who could force the other to open a new tube of toothpaste.  I don’t remember when or how we started, I think it just kind of evolved, and it ended after a 25 or 30 year run just as unceremoniously as it started. I think it ended when we moved in ’05; the new bathroom layout made it more feasible for us not to share the same tube.  There was never a word spoken about any kind of a contest because if confronted either of us would have vehemently denied participating in anything so silly.

The competition was fierce, I became very innovative at new ways to manipulate that tube; I even considered taking it outside and driving the car over it. Likewise, I was impressed with her ingenuity; in fact I even set little traps to make sure she wasn’t cheating. Try it if you haven’t, if you put some thought into it you can almost always get one more brushing out of a tube.  I won some and she won some, I didn’t keep score; she probably did.  I know when I would open the vanity and see a new tube I would smile and let out a silent “YES” and I’m sure she did the same when she won.

If it were still “we” that tube in the bathroom would last at least another week or ten days since it is just “me” I’ll probably toss it and open a new one tonight.

I mentioned at the top that it has been a long day.  I went to the lake yesterday to take care of a couple maintenance things with plans to come home today, just a quick down and back.  Like most old people and some younger ones, sometimes my back goes a little crazy for no obvious reason.  It decided to do so late last night sometimes it is minor and more of a nuisance than a problem, this time it was / is a major problem. I did manage to get my stuff and myself in the truck and started home about noon.

A few weeks ago I talked about Hughes County and Dustin being a source for a cold Red Bull to wake me up.  I was disappointed to see a closed and a for sale sign on the last source for Red Bull in Dustin.  I did find they have a new deal.  They now have a guy in a white car with red and blue lights to give you a personal wake up call if he thinks you are hurrying through his town.  Maybe he used to own the Red Bull store and decided this new gig paid better.  I remember when they only had an unmanned car sitting in plain view.  I was diplomatic and didn’t tell him I had to hurry to Wetumka to get a Red Bull because I could no longer buy one in his town. He gave me a verbal warning.

My back is a little better tonight it only hurts when I try to stand or to sit; I think it will be OK in two or three days.

Please keep me in your prayers.

Good Night and God Bless.


4 thoughts on “Extremely Random……..

  1. I love your stories Dave. Maybe not the same guy, but I too have met an officer in Dustin. Hope your back gets better and keep up the writing!

  2. Love the story-sorry about the back thing. We are having sand delivered for the arena and low spots and my pelvis screams loudly at the twisting and turning involved in sand moving. Gotta just keep going. It is when you stop everything catches up with you.

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