Birthdays and Milestones….

I had a birthday yesterday, it was what is known as a major milestone; I started another decade.  I will talk about the birthday first and then I will talk about milestones.

To those of you who are friends on Face book a little of this will be redundant; I try to limit Face book to short statements; I can bore you with more detail here.

I had a reasonably quiet day; Lori and Steve are the only family members that were within 100 miles of Norman.  We had lunch and spent part of the afternoon together.  I will have dinner with Dava and Rick tomorrow.

Cale left his car, the black one pictured, at my house while he is in Kansas for the summer.  I have a lot of parking space, and it seemed like a safe place to leave it. If he reads this blog he may want me to let the 16-year-old kid down the street keep it.

I don’t remember details and that is probably a good thing but I turned 20 running down the road in the white one pictured.


After Lori and Steve left I was home alone and yes a little lonesome so I just decided it might be fun to turn 70 running down the road in Cale’s car with the top down, it was.  I really don’t remember the last time I was that relaxed with nothing on my mind.  I didn’t drive real fast; I kept it under 80 except for a few little bursts, I can’t say that for the white car 50 years ago. It was extremely difficult to keep it under 80; come to think of it I don’t think I ever tried. It felt great to be on the open road with the wind blowing what little hair I still have.  I really wanted to just keep going; if Cale doesn’t send someone after the keys I plan to do it again real soon.

I got a surprise gift from my new neighbors last night.  My backyard was dark the way country backyards are supposed to be when the sun goes down.  The previous neighbors, I checked the definition and they were not very neighborly but they were neighbors, apparently were afraid of the dark.  They had enough security lights to make my backyard resemble Yankee Stadium; that is an exaggeration but it was well lighted and I guess it was kind of an old man’s pet peeve. The new guys; a young couple with two small children moved in Friday; I took them a little care package (seemed like a neighborly thing to do) and introduced myself.  The security lights were still on Friday and Saturday, I guess they waited until my birthday to turn them off, and I just checked they are off tonight and my yard is dark.  I think these guys are going to be neighborly neighbors.

We have a birthday every year, however for various reasons some of them seem more important or significant than others, these are often referred to as milestones. All birthdays are significant to small children.  The first one I consider a milestone is 13, ah the teen years then comes 16 and a driver’s license.  The next two for various reasons are 18 and 21. Thirty not so much but beginning at forty and every new decade thereafter everyone takes some abuse about getting old.  I think a standard response is “it beats the alternative”.  Without giving it any thought that has always been my immediate response when chastised about getting old. This year is another of those milestones for me and for some reason I gave it some thought and I actually turned the statement “it beats the alternative” into a question “does it beat the alternative?”  The question was answered almost immediately; there are many reasons observing my 70th and starting another decade beats the alternative.  I am excited about it and looking forward to another ten.

Please keep me in your prayers.

Good Night and God Bless.




4 thoughts on “Birthdays and Milestones….

  1. If I had the keys to Cale’s car, I’m sure I’d be tempted to take it for a spin also! Sounds like you had a pretty good birthday.

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