Feeling A Little Nostalgic………….

Four years ago tonight I received an email from Lori. It contained a link to a website I had never heard of.  She asked me to read it, run it by her Mom and if we were OK with it we would tell a few people about it.  The following is what was at the other end of the link:

wishes & reality

Posted on December 10, 2008

What I wish is that there was not a need for this blog. Not a need to have a place to post updates about my Mom, not a need to keep our friends and family informed,  not a need to talk about cancer. I wish my Mom didn’t have cancer……
But she does, and we are so fortunate to be reminded daily that our family is not traveling this road alone.
I think it is an understatement to say that Mom has a lot of friends, and each of  you in whatever way you chose to reach out has been a source of comfort for our family.

Writing has always been a trusted outlet for me, so I hope by  sharing my thoughts I can keep those who care about Mom informed, updated and in the loop.   So with Mom’s blessing this blog begins, I’m not sure where it will take us but I do know that we will have love, prayers and friends on the journey with us, thank you all.


Sometimes it seems like yesterday.  Sometimes it seems like a very long time ago.  I agreed to help her a little with some of the technical or medical stuff.  I guess somewhere along the way, like my daughter, writing became a trusted outlet for me.

The two blogs have produced 356 posts, 1,307 comments and 70,386 times someone has cared enough to see what was going on in our lives.

I guess I’m just feeling a little nostalgic tonight, please accept my sincere 70,386 Thank Yous.

Do you remember that car fever I talked about?  It just took about three months but the fever is gone.

Your thoughts and prayers are still needed and appreciated.

Good Night and God Bless.



5 thoughts on “Feeling A Little Nostalgic………….

  1. Thank Yous are not needed. We all love you. But, car fever is another matter! I may need to send you some Car Stuff !!!


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