Tennis Anyone?

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In my last blog post I talked about enlarging my little world.

I started this one with a picture of a tennis ball. 

Those two things could create visions of me sitting court side at the Australian Open or hitting the clay courts on the French Riviera, or at the very least hitting a few balls in the Tuesday morning senior mixed doubles league at Slick Humphrey Park. 

All of the above would be false.

I have been using the thing to try to get a misbehaving Sciatic Nerve under control.  A few years ago a Physical Therapist explained the procedure to Sharyl. It works like this:  You lie in the floor and place the tennis ball under the upper hip/extreme lower back on the misbehaving side and move it around until you find the spot.  How do you know when you’ve found the spot?  Trust me you know, I think my neighbors know when I find the spot.  Just lie there and let the ball apply pressure for a few minutes; you won’t need a timer. I’m not there yet but I think it is getting better.

I probably should go ahead and see a doctor but old habits are hard to break, however for some reason I treat back pain with a little more respect than I did five years ago.  I also feel a little guilty complaining about a little Sciatic Nerve pain.

A few days ago in Morgantown West Virginia a young man’s dream faded.  For the past year Cale has experienced different levels of pain in his pitching arm, because of that pain he made the decision to leave the game.  He is back in Norman and will spend some time regrouping and looking at other options.  He is a sharp young man (I know I’m his Paw Paw) and I am confident he will successfully travel in a new direction, or to use a term I have beat to death over the years he’ll figure it out and be OK.

I made a quick trip to the lake this week. Sitting in the truck for two hours was not good for my back but I’ve never been accused of being real smart or doing what I should.

While there I learned a “lake neighbor” and very good friend had died a few weeks ago.  It was not unexpected but I was disappointed that I didn’t have an opportunity to pay my final respects.  He was in his mid eighties and had lived a full and interesting life.  He was a pipe liner and a rancher and very good at both.  About five years ago he and his wife took their forty-foot diesel pusher RV with Jeep in tow from Brooken, Oklahoma to Alaska.  I think they went to Fairbanks. That trip has always been on my bucket list, but I probably shouldn’t wait until I’m eighty.  Rest in Peace, Gene, I will miss you.   

I said I was going to write more about “now” and less about “then”, I’ve done that.  Maybe next time it will be about something more interesting than lying in the floor on a tennis ball.  Speaking of tennis balls, I need to find that thing it is time for another session.

Thanks for riding along and keep me in your prayers; I’ve come a long way but I still have a long way to go.

Good Night and God Bless


6 thoughts on “Tennis Anyone?

  1. I am so sorry about CAle, understanding how hard it is to lose the dream. Lauren was in tears this week on FEather with trainer dev. Her hands were bleeding, her knee torn last year with Mickey was twice its size. Dev told her to ‘toughen up’. How do you enact that? I need a trainer who urges through the tough times. She has never had a dad. Maybe the tough love is good and there will be better days. It is so hard to see them struggle doing what they love. Do I change trainers? Sorry. I am just out of good ideas. Thanks for listening. I have missed hearing from you.
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  2. Dave,
    It was good to hear from you. Hope that back is feeling better. I also wish Cale the best in whatever he chooses to do. It is hard to see a dream fade for someone you love so dearly.
    Your in my prayers.

  3. Dave do you think you could get someone to video you while you are using the tennis ball on your back so I could get the technique down? I am sure Ron and Charlene would also like to a lesson, LOL We need more entertainment as we age. Sorry about Cale losing his dream and I am sure he is a fine young man he comes from good stock. Tell Lori hello think about her often. Love to you all

  4. Dave,

    Cale will succeed in life in whatever he tries. The key, as we know, is to do something he enjoys ! I am going to try that tennis ball therapy myself. I also think a video demonstration by you would be a REAL MONEY MAKER !! Move over Jane Fonda.

    About your bucket list. GO DO IT NOW !!!!!!


  5. PUT ME DOWN FOR A VIDEO!! It is always hard when one realizes the end of an era. I know God has something great for Cale in his future. He will refocus and move forward, whith the love and help of his family. When one door closes, another and maybe better one opens. My best to you and your family.

  6. Dennis is down in his back too. Might have to buy a tennis ball and give it a try. Sorry to hear about Cale. It’s always sad to see our love ones hurt. I’m sure he will bounce back real soon and even better. Life has a way of going on. May the Lord bless you and family.

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