A Little Test……

Those nights when sleep doesn’t happen have become less frequent, however for some unknown reason tonight is one of them. I usually find myself at the keyboard sharing my thoughts with you when I have one like this.  Tonight, that presents a bit of a problem because, I really don’t have a thought worth sharing.

I guess I will consider it a little test of my blogging skills.

Worst case, I pound the keyboard for an hour, read what I have written, toss it in the recycle bin and get some sleep.

Best case, I pound the keyboard for 30 minutes, read what I have written, think of a title, hit the publish button and get some sleep.

The past seven weeks or so have been a little bumpy.  No I’ll be truthful they have been extremely bumpy.  Those bumps were no surprise and I believe there will be bumps in the road from mid January until early March for the rest of my years.  I also believe the bumps will be less severe next year and even less severe the year after that, but it will never be smooth.

Sometime last summer and again in the fall I talked about three goals. Learning to enjoy the lake again was one of them.  It is different and always will be but I have learned to enjoy my time there and I am looking forward to the spring.

Included in my New Year post was some talk about reflecting and refocusing.  I am using some of that refocus effort to attack the other two goals, weight loss and improving the outside appearance of my home.

My weight is still much closer to what it was five weeks ago than what it was five years ago, but I think I am on the right track. My approach is, nine of these big blue pills for breakfast, fourteen little green ones for lunch and a handful of assorted sizes and colors for dinner.  Not really, I’m trying this new deal called diet and exercise.  I’m just eating a little smarter and getting more exercise, so far it is working, not as fast as I would like but it is working.

Cale and I are on a mission to get the yard (2 acres) back to his Maw Maw’s specifications, we aren’t ready for the “yard of the week” inspection committee but we have made some progress.  I think we are going to lose the old spec sheet on the flowerbeds and just do them in Monkey Grass or Bermuda or something.

We planted three trees this week and I have two to plant at the lake. The trees at home are to replace some we lost.  The ones for the lake are because Sharyl wanted some shade trees there. I bought some that are supposed to grow fast, I thought at my age slow growing trees were not a good idea.

My feet have been itching; I think a road trip may be in the works.  I had planned to return to West Virginia this spring, those plans have changed.  I think I will just go somewhere I’ve never been.  I will go by myself; I still have some stuff I need to figure out and I kind of like to do that out on the open road alone.  Maybe when I go I will find some interesting blog material.

As spring approaches, good people across America are gearing up for the annual “Relay For Life” fundraiser.  I encourage you to get involved in a very worthwhile event, either with your time or a monetary donation or both. Last year I attended the one in Tecumseh, Oklahoma, it was a very heart warming and refreshing experience.

Thanks for riding along; I still need and appreciate your prayers.

Good Night and God Bless.


8 thoughts on “A Little Test……

  1. Dave,

    I have mentioned to you before I am a ” windshield ” man myself. I do my best thinking when I am alone on the road enjoying the sights and sounds of both nature and mankind. The springtime is a wonderful time to ” hit the road “. I am about to head south again myself to see family and friends. I will call you when I am in the area. Maybe we can water you new trees together and swap some ” car ” stories !

    You are in my prayers.


  2. Dave,
    Hope you can soon hit the road and enjoy your time out in the middle of “somewhere”!
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. If those plans take you through Big D, Deb and I would love to have lunch/dinner/drinks! (And you are correct in that those “loss times” get less bumpy over the years–but never “un-bumpy.”)

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