Lonesome Whip-Poor-Will

The spelling you see in the title is correct, proving again, one is never too old to learn.  I always thought it was whipporwill.

The opening lyric to an old Hank Williams song has been haunting me all week.

The song:  I’m So Lonesome I Could Die

The lyric:  Hear that lonesome Whippoorwill he sounds too blue to fly.

Spellchecker is OK if I don’t use the hyphens; I hope you are

At the place we called home for more than 25 years, in addition to all the routine signs of spring.  Sharyl and I learned to rely on the unique sound of the Whippoorwill.  One of them nested in the pasture very close to our house.  Just about dark we would hear the sound, if you have ever heard one you know how they got their name.  One of us would say, “He is back, spring must be here.”

We didn’t have a Whippoorwill within earshot when we relocated but in the early spring we usually mentioned our former neighbor.

I think because it is springtime I think of the Whippoorwill and because of Hank’s song, I have always connected the Whippoorwill and lonesome.

All that to say it has been a little lonesome in my world this week.

I don’t recall even thinking about that bird or song last year.  I think last spring the pain was so intense I didn’t feel the lonesome.  I am thankful the pain has subsided, allowing me to feel the lonesome and think about my old neighbor.  I can handle a little bit of lonesome.

I don’t know how long Whippoorwills normally live but if that guy has finished his time here on earth, I hope his nesting place in heaven is within earshot of Sharyl.

Love you babe I still miss you every day.

Pleas keep me in your prayers.

Good Night and God Bless.


3 thoughts on “Lonesome Whip-Poor-Will

  1. Dave,

    There was a time in my young life, when Hank Williams song ” I’m So Lonesome I Could Die ” became my anthem. I loved the song and the movie. Hank Williams Jr. sang the songs in the movie and I thought he was great. I was pretty lonesome at the time myself, but life does go on, and one day I found myself quite happy again. Spring is a time of renewal, rebirth, and life springs forward. I pray your life will continue to blossom and spring forward.

    You are in our prayers.


  2. Short and oh so sweet! Hang in there Dave. Next time you’re feeling lonesome, head on back down I-35 for lunch in Big D.

    And nice job on “whip-poor-will” in your title. I appreciate the good use of a hyphen or two!

  3. Here is hoping that those lonesome days become fewer and fewer. I pray for you to find happiness again in what ever you choose to do.

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