I’m NOT Afraid, Really I’m NOT……….

Last week I talked about housecleaning at the lake and I think several months ago I made some comments about my relationship with vacuum cleaners.  We are going to dig into those two things just a little deeper.

I am a seventy-year-old redneck and I am not afraid of vacuum cleaners, really I’m not however the things have always made me just a little bit uncomfortable, actually they have made me very uncomfortable.  I don’t think Sharyl knew about the issues I had with sweepers (I hope you don’t mind if I use sweepers instead of vacuum cleaners it is sure easier to spell) she never said anything if she wondered why I went outside even if it was 10 degrees and snowing while she ran the thing.

I keep the home presentable but I will admit the sweeper has a much easier life than before Sharyl’s illness.  Two of the things she took to extreme were vacuuming the floors and laundry.

I started cleaning the lake place last weekend but for some odd reason I got sidetracked before I ran the sweeper, imagine that.  I think everyone takes the old stuff from home to the lake, beach, or mountain place, I know that is what we do; not just sweepers, I’m talking furniture, dishes, clothes and the list goes on.  I have some thoughts about that process, but not tonight.

The lake sweeper is or was a big old upright Hoover, one of those, if you push the handle it pulls you around the room and if you pull the handle it tries to run over you.  Sharyl kept it in the master bedroom closet; I think I will put it in the spare bedroom closet maybe I will sleep better.

I had waited as long as I could so Saturday morning I got the thing out of the closet.  It really is big and heavy.  I did a little preflight inspection; I checked under it I don’t know what for but I checked, I opened the cover to make sure the bag wasn’t full.  I really wasn’t stalling or looking for a reason to not turn the big ugly thing on.

Everything appeared to be OK so I turned it on, god those things make a strange noise.  I probably did an area about 4 ft. by 4 ft. and it just didn’t seem like it was doing a very good job but I continued.  Then suddenly with absolutely no advance warning the thing just exploded, the cover that goes over the bag compartment flew across the room.  The bag was then exposed and it looked like a hot air balloon preparing to take flight.  When I regained my composure and built up enough nerve to get close to the thing it was obvious it would never clean another floor.  I had mixed emotions, I kind of wished I wouldn’t have been alone with the thing but on the other hand I’m sure proud no one was watching.

I left it at the lake, after all I was in my SUV I didn’t want it in there with me.  I will take it to the trash when I am in the pickup or I may take a trailer to haul it in.

You guessed right, I bought a new one for home and like we always do I will take the old one to the lake.  I am still reasonably confident that sometime this summer I will vacuum the carpet at the lake.  I won’t enjoy doing it.  I won’t be afraid but I will probably be just a little bit uncomfortable.

Keep me in your prayers.

Good Night (I’m sure this time) and God Bless.



4 thoughts on “I’m NOT Afraid, Really I’m NOT……….

  1. Dave,

    I like my Dyson sweeper that Jackie has graciously “allowed” and “taught” me to use. Seems since I retired this is now MY JOB!!! You know, I really like it!!!!!!!!! I read a test on sweepers not long ago and it seems the Hoover gives you the most bang for your buck. Although, they didn’t test my Dyson model.


    • My old Hoover definitely gave me some “bang for the buck” when that cover blew off. The new one for home is a Commercial Oreck, with a forty foot cord and an on / off switch. No bells or whistles it just vacuums. The nine-year-old Oreck is taking an early retirement and moving to the lake.

  2. I hate vacuuming and only do it because the people in the building shame me… One friend will come up and vacuum for me if she comes a couple of times and it still needs it….bless her heart.. I never feel badly about it. I cook for her.

  3. Dave I got a great laugh out of the ordeal with vacuuming that was too much and I know you had another laugh writing this to all of us. LOL

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