To Kodi: Thank You and Good-Bye…

Today I turned the final page on another chapter of “The Life and Times of Sharyl and Dave”.  It was a short chapter, yet it was filled with memories and bounced off both sides of a wide emotional band.

After Sharyl was diagnosed with cancer she didn’t have much of a bucket list; about the only thing on it was the desire to see one more sunrise.  When something appeared on that list I tried to make it happen.

In the spring of ’11 she wanted to watch Cale and Conner play a little baseball.  By this time her illness had progressed to the point a 2-hour car ride was a struggle on a good day.  The guys were playing ball twelve hours away in Hanceville, Alabama.

The only logical way to get her there was in a Motor Home.  Yes, you can rent the things but you need to know when you plan to leave.  “When Sharyl feels like riding and the guys have a game” doesn’t work with the rental guys.  We decided to buy a used RV and try to make that trip and maybe with a little luck there could be other trips.

The search for one that fit our needs is probably worthy of it’s own post but I won’t go there.  I did most of my shopping on line.  I found exactly what we had in mind; the thing was in Nocona, Texas.

100_0306 (Small)

Sharyl gathered her strength, got tough and we made a Sunday drive to Texas.  She enjoyed visiting with the owners and the fact that WE made the decision to buy it made us feel good.  We made big plans on the way home.  She was exhausted when we got home but it was a very good day by the standards in place at the time.  I went back a couple days later and brought it home, if I ever do one of these on “planes, trains and motor homes” I will include that day.

Shortly after we brought it home we decided calling it “the motor home” or “the RV” was too much trouble so we gave it a name.  We decided to call him (I think anything with a name should be gendered) Kodi; simply a short form of the brand Kodiak.  We all got onboard; I don’t remember him being referred to afterward as anything but Kodi.

On March 30th (I think) after much planning, stewing and worrying on my part we pointed Kodi toward Alabama.  Lori went with us.  Sharyl didn’t know about the stewing and worrying, she considered it just another run and she thought Lori was only going to see the guys.

In the old blog I tried to make it sound like it was just another day so I didn’t upset her.  She read some of those.  Here are links to the posts I did while we were there and when we got home.

Lori didn’t ride home with us.  We only stopped one time between Hanceville and our lake place.  I had been driving about 8 hours and had about 3 to go.  She was as serious as could be when she said, “if you are tired I’ll drive for a while”.  I lived with one tough cookie for 46 years.

That was the only long run we got to make.  We took Kodi to the lake a couple times and we did a few local trips

Kodi spent the next couple years sitting in his designated parking spot at our house.  I would do an occasional “around the block” run and the routine maintenance things; but mostly he just sat there.

The things I seem to have problems dealing with are the things we got or did because of the cancer.  Kodi was one of those things.  I didn’t try to sell him in ’12 but I didn’t seriously consider using him.  To use a cliché “I just didn’t want to deal with it.”

100_0309 (Small)

Sometime late this afternoon Kodi should have crossed the Red river on his way to his new home in Waco, Texas.  Sharyl would have enjoyed visiting with the new owners; I think he found a good home.  I didn’t tell them his name was Kodi.

To Kodi:  A very serious and from the heart Thank you and Good-Bye.

To You:  Thanks for listening.  Good Night and God Bless.


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