I’m doing this on my iPad. I hope we see a picture of a loaf, minus one small piece, of Banana Nut Bread to die for. If you were here with me you would see one of the greatest exhibitions of willpower you have ever witnessed. If not for that willpower the pic would be of a plate with maybe a few crumbs.
My neighbor is one heck of a cook and she likes,to share some of her specialties, one of which is, you guessed right, Banana Nut Bread.
During Sharyl’s illness she frequently appeared at our door with an assortment of good things to eat. She is probably directly responsible for at least 10 of the 40 or so pounds I gained during that troubled time. She sent her husband with the bread this evening, just as I was browsing for just a little something to top off a dieters dinner.
One small piece and a cup of coffee kind of topped off the dinner. I think if I write long enough I will forget about wanting another small piece.
While I am here and talking about food I guess I should give you an update on my little attempt at losing some weight. I think it has been almost 3 months since we visited about that. There is a little good news and a little bad news. The bad news. I haven’t lost any weight the last three months. The good news. I haven’t gained any. I am trying to convince myself it is all part of the plan; to relax and eat a little of the good stuff to see if I can stay at my present weight. The truth is I need to gather the willpower to get tough and lose another ten or so pounds.
I better go back to the kitchen and make sure I put that Banana Nut Bread away.
Too early for Goodnight so God Bless and pray that I leave the bread alone.

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