Happy New Year!!!!

I know we’re a few days in; I’ve been busy. Not really, I have just had a bad case of writer’s block.
I made it through the holidays better than I have in a few years; I kind of bottomed out a little last week but I think that is a typical post holiday reaction.
Last year I went in to great detail about reflecting on the year just ending and refocusing on things needing attention for the coming year. I set some goals for myself. This year as I reflect I think I may have exceeded my expectations. in accomplishing those goals. I think I will continue to pursue those same things.
The holidays weren’t kind to my weight control program; I think it will take about 10 weeks to undo what I did in about 10 days.
I managed to cross a couple items off the old bucket list in ’13. I hope to remove a couple more this year; yes, I am putting a plan together. I will share when the plan firms up a bit.
I did a major thing this week. It certainly wasn’t a bucket list item; just one of those things that comes with being “head of household”. I have a question for you homemakers and I want an honest answer. How often do you thoroughly clean the inside of your refrigerator? I’m not talking wipe up a spill; I’m talking empty the thing, start at the top and clean all the way to the bottom. My answer is “not very” and I bet I am in the majority.
I cleaned mine yesterday; it is amazing what fits in the corners or behind and under other things in there. I’m not big on keeping leftovers so it wasn’t fuzzy soup or potatoes, but there were things that were nowhere near their original color. Some of the dates were scary. The first date I saw on some Worcestershire (had to check the bottle to spell that) sauce was 1904; thank god, that is that is the date French’s started making the stuff. I found some plum preserves that redefined preserves. I know they had been there a long time because I’m allergic to that sort of thing and I don’t have enough overnight guests to keep the fridge stocked with breakfast items.
You’re crazy if you think I’m going to show you a “before” picture but I do have an “after” pic I will share.
The pic didn’t work tonight but I’m sure you know what a clean fridge looks like because you see one every day.
I didn’t get to the freezer side; maybe this week or maybe not. I did defrost and clean the little chest freezer. I also have a garage fridge for overflow and drinks. I think it has some real old stuff in it and it seems to be prone to spills, but I think I am psyched up and on a mission.
Last time I was here I told you more about an old Jeep than you ever wanted to know. I have also been known to share some very personal and deep thoughts with you. Everyone needs a sounding board mine has been you through this keyboard. I think I am becoming comfortable sorting those things out running down the road and leaving them in the Jeep. It may be a temporary thing and if it gets real serious I know you and this old keyboard are there.
Thanks for listening and I can still use a prayer.
Good Night and God Bless.

6 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!!!

  1. I too gained “at least” 10 pounds in the last 10 days. I am too afraid to get on the scales to see how much I have really gained, but my PANTS know !!!!

    Keep up the “Jeeping” ! You are always in my prayers !


  2. I lightly clean the fridge before I add new groceries…but, to deep clean, I’ll never tell !!!! Happy New Year to you….

  3. Happy New Year, Dave! Hope and prayer each one gets better for you. I try to not only keep up with keeping my fridge clean on the inside as I go but also on the outside and the rest of my house. That way, it’s usually always halfway presentable at least when people drop by. Makes it much easier to when you do feel like doing a big cleaning because things aren’t as dirty. Usually my big cleanings end up happening when something has spilled, a part breaks in the fridge that requires me to take things apart, when I change the water filter or can’t get the ice to come out the dispenser. Self-defrosting freezers changed the “Scheduled” deep cleanings for me. I still prayer for you and the family. Take Care.

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