The 101…..

Apologies if I sounded a little tired and grumpy last night. Some things are just hard to conceal. I am still tired tonight but the mood is much better. Maybe that will eliminate the grumpy overtones.
Part of the plan was to run US 101 up the Oregon coast. We did that today. We started in Coos Bay, OR . As is becoming the norm, I lied to Patty again. I projected about a 5 or 6 hour day. Ten hours later we arrived bleary eyed and tired in Aberdeen, Washington.
The difference in today and those first three, today we saw about 300 miles of the most attractive coastline in the lower 48. The tough part of the day was sharing that crooked two lane with a whole bunch of other folks interested in that same coastline; most of them were in cars or RVs, however a lot of them opted for bicycles or sneakers.
I promise better pictures later. This is a couple I snapped with my phone. I have some better ones in the car in my camera and Patty definitely has some better than these. We gotta do a little high tech stuff and get some of those to my iPad. We’ll work on that.
If you travel with Patty, you just know you are going to dine in places with great food and good character. This place qualified in both categories.


And a couple of shots of the coast.


I know you and Patty has heard it before, but the GPS tells me we are 3 1/2 hours from the dock. We need to be there at three in the afternoon to start the kickback and let the ferry boat captain drive part of this little trip. We sail or motor or whatever a ferry boat does at six tomorrow. First stop Ketchikan.
I don’t know if we will have WiFi on the boat. If we do I will probably write some. Maybe I will have time to relax and do it right.
Good Night and God Bless.
Dave and Patty

3 thoughts on “The 101…..

  1. WE were in Ketchikan last week. We loved every minute of Alaska and hope to do it again sometime. Loved the pics you sent. Have a great trip.

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