Back on the Water

I did this one and the Ketchikan thing a couple nights ago on the boat didn’t have internet until today. We are in Anchorage tonight, more on the last couple days soon and I think I can include some pics

We enjoyed our time in Ketchikan and to be honest neither of us was real excited about getting back on a boat.
We arrived in Ketchikan on the Columbia, we left on the Kennicott. The Columbia is a little bigger and a little nicer I guess. I talked earlier about the broad mix of passengers on the first boat, this one has that mix but a much larger percentage seems to be tourists, and there are more families with small children, a few of those small children like to run and scream, some of their parents are OK with that.
Overall, I like the facilities better on the Columbia, I believe the atmosphere is better on this one.
The scenery has continued to improve as we go north. Patty and I have taken a bunch of pictures and I promise to get some of them in soon. I won’t go into detail, just believe me, I need to work some technical issues. I think when we get on land for a few days I can work those issues. I will try to catch up and post some pics on the stuff I have already written about.
We have seen a lot of whales, and a beautiful sunset last night. It sets a little late here, I took sunset pics at 9:55 last night; it is 9:20 now and it looks like another nice one will happen in 30 or 45 minutes. Just a note: it is a lot easier to photograph a sunset than to photograph a whale, still don’t have a decent shot of a whale.
The whale sitings create a lot of excitement, everyone goes a little crazy and jockeys for position. I told Patty f we need to improve our seating on the observation deck we can just fake a whale siting; everyone will rush out on the outer deck and we can choose new and better seating.
We got a little unexpected bonus today. Because of the way our tickets were written and the way we were loaded in Ketchikan we got to unload the car and spend about 3 hours in Juneau this morning.
The boat arrived at 6:30, not too many things open that early, so,we might as well have some breakfast. Some things we do quite well, finding good, local eateries seems to be one of them. We ate with the locals in downtown Juneau, good food and friendly people.
We cruised around a little, checked out Juneau. It is a clean place and seems like a nice town.
We then visited the Mendenhall Glacier; a very pretty place and also very interesting. The site is a national park, it is very well maintained and the staff was friendly and professional. They didn’t give us a global warming speech or anything, but it is amazing how much it has decreased in size the last forty or so years.
We spent an hour or so there and would like to have stayed longer but we had a boat to catch.
We left Juneau at noon (Tuesday), we have been northbound for about ten hours. We have seen some very pretty scenery this afternoon. I think we are through with the scenery for a while, we are in open water with no shoreline in sight. The old boat is rolling pretty good tonight. Sure hope the guy driving knows where we are. We are scheduled to stop in Yakutat at 5:00am, I hope I sleep through that, and we will end our northbound portion of the ride in Whittier at 6:00am Thursday, I hope I don’t miss that one.
One quick observation from the boat ride so far. I think old men lie to other old men more than old women lie to other old women. Or maybe they just talk louder and don’t care who hears them. After listening to some of them I have a better understanding of the old term “The older I get the better I was.”
Keep us in your prayers.
Good Night and God Bless.
Dave and Patty

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