Was Never On My Bucket List. . .

Over the years I have probably spent almost as much time trying to think of a title for my posts as I have spent actually writing the things.  The opposite is true for this one, I thought of too many appropriate titles.  I had to use an elimination process and finally just went with the bucket list reference.  Some that made the short list are: Crazy Old Man.  You Bought a What?   Welcome Aboard.

The last time I was here I almost wrote a boring novel about the years up the hill from the Crazy Woman Campground.  I promise this one will be much shorter, no promises on the boring part.

Allow me to introduce the new lady in my life, her name is Wine-Time, her home port is Evergreen Marina at Lake Eufaula, Oklahoma. I don’t anticipate a port change however I think a name change will occur in the very near future.


You see why I had trouble deciding on a title.  It was never on my bucket list but the crazy old man bought a houseboat.  If your travels take you to Evergreen Marina you are welcome aboard Wine-Time or whatever her new name might be, right now the lean is toward Nuthin2Mow.

This wasn’t just an impulsive move like I have been known to do, I thought about it almost a full day before I made the purchase.  It just seemed like the thing to do at the time; so I did it.

This picture is of my front yard on a busy Saturday afternoon.


This one is of the backyard on a lazy Sunday morning.


I don’t think I need to mow the front or back.

For those of you interested in such things.  It is a 1985 Gibson 36’ x 12′ with twin four cylinder Volvos. It is supposed to sleep six; 2 adults and some kids maybe.  Six adults, I don’t think so even if you are very good friends and no one the least bit modest.

She will spend most of her time in the slip, with an occasional venture around the Gentle Giant.  So far the relationship has been harmonious and I am very excited about my new home away from home.

Drop by for the 10 minute tour, a cold drink and some conversation if you make it to Evergreen.

Good Night and God Bless.


4 thoughts on “Was Never On My Bucket List. . .

  1. What an awesome thing to do! Love the name you are thinking about! This unusual spring/summer of the rains has made mowing a weekly thing! Enjoy your new digs!

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