New Pictures……

I replaced the “generic” WordPress pics with some of mine, thanks for the help Lori.

The shot on the left was taken at a small lake somewhere in the Rocky Mountains off the beaten path in the Rio Grande National Forest near South Fork Colorado. I don’t remember the year; I think it was ’93 or ’94. We thoroughly enjoyed the few days we spent there, and always planned to go back.

I took the middle picture in the early 80s while I was on a business trip; you get lucky and go somewhere pleasant once in a while.  The location is in the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains on state route 116 near Conway, Massachusetts.  Sharyl and I planned to take a trip to that part of the country, in fact we decided in ’08 to wait until next year.  Let me give you a little advice; don’t wait.

The one on the right was taken from the front yard of the place we have called home since ’05. It’s pretty obvious it was in the fall; probably ’06 or ’07.

Are you beginning to understand why I call it Random Thoughts?

I probably won’t do this again for a while so enjoy the Easter Holiday; remember the reason we celebrate. I can still use your prayers and please consider a donation to Relay For Life or the cancer research organization of your choice.


2 thoughts on “New Pictures……

  1. I love the pictures! And since my cancer I have lived the “dont wait” philosophy. Thank you for sharing. Prayers continue.

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