Celebrate Observe Acknowledge…….

Celebrate:  To observe a notable occasion with festivities

Observe:  To do something special or enjoyable for an important event

Acknowledge:  To accept or do not deny the truth or existence of something

In just over an hour Mothers Day 2012 will be a memory.  I have known four mothers who were or are special to me.  One of them I called “mom”, one of them my girls called “mom”, the other two my grandkids call “mom”.  I think the best mom ever is the one I called mom; I hope you disagree with me I know my girls and grandkids do and reserve that spot for the one you call or called mom.

I really don’t remember doing anything special on Mothers Day when I was a little kid. Sharyl’s first Mothers Day as a mother was 1967; while the girls were growing up I tried to help them make it a fun day for their mom or as the definition says “observe a notable occasion with festivities”. I also tried to do the same for my mom in an effort to make up for some of the things I didn’t do when I was younger. Through Mothers Day 1990 we celebrated to the extent possible; I lost my mom on Mothers Day 1991.

For the next twenty years we continued to observe Mothers Day by doing something special or enjoyable.  My mood was usually a little somber or melancholy; Sharyl and the girls respected that and kept things kind of low key.  We normally just had everyone together for lunch or dinner and family time; that is really what it is all about anyway.

Today was the first Mothers Day for the girls since they lost their mom.  Dava and Rick were out of town; Cale and Steve were playing baseball.  Lori, Rylie and I acknowledged Mothers Day with a very quiet lunch.

I am hopeful we can observe Mothers Day next year and maybe even celebrate it the following year.

Yes, I am still struggling; please keep me in your prayers.

Good Night and God Bless.


2 thoughts on “Celebrate Observe Acknowledge…….

  1. I was in Tecumseh for a short visit and thought about calling you and trying to stop by on my way home . . . but I decided that today was probably one of those days when you would just have to “hunker down” and get through it. Love and prayers to you all.


  2. Dave, I thought the Mother’s Day 1997 after my mom died would be my worst ever, until I experienced the Mother’s Day of 2009. I know the pain that you and Lori are going through, but at least I didn’t have to experience them on the same day. My prayers are continually with your family. For years after mom’s death, I avoided shopping in May because all I saw were reminders that she was gone. With Cleta Joy being in the nursing home, I’ve had a new revelation. I’m seeing women that I’ve known all my life (my friend’s moms) when I go visit. Some of them have completely lost their dignity; some of them have completely lost their cognitive ability; some of them have lost their physical abilities. After a few weeks of entering that place, I had a revelation. Thenk you, Jesus, that my mom didn’t have to go through any of that. After a brief illness, I know that she crossed over into eternity healthy, whole, and free from the burden this flesh carries with it. It has also helped me to realize that Mom didn’t have to stay on this earth and experience the loss of Phyllis, Linda, Daddy, and Jason. She really was the lucky one. Prayers.

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