Car Fever, Ever Had It?????????????

Car fever, ever had it?  I think we all have at some time in our life. We all react a little different; some simply go buy a car at the first sign of the illness; others put off treatment thinking it will simply go away, or any number of excuses, among them I can’t afford it, I really don’t need another car and the list goes on.  I am in the latter group, I think the smart ones just go ahead and get it over as soon as the fever hits.

I have always had a bit of a love affair with the automobile; it isn’t blog material but I think one day I may try to list all of them I have owned and I’m serious when I say try because I’m not sure I can do it.  I will then try to rank them from favorite to least favorite or first to worst.  I already know the first on the list and there are several candidates for worst.

New cars have never been a big deal with me in fact most of the ones I have owned have been used, some of them very used.  The two or three if you count the RV that presently reside at my house are all of the used or as the dealers prefer, pre-owned variety.

Yes, I am feeling just a touch of the fever, but I don’t need another vehicle.  When Sharyl got sick we had two SUVs and one pickup, most people today use the term truck but I’m an old guy and to me trucks are trucks and pickups are the things most of us use like a car most of the time, maybe occasionally hauling a lawnmower or washer or dryer if we are careful and don’t scratch the bed.  Sharyl’s SUV was top-of-line and although it was about five years old it was very well cared for.  Mine were okay but cream puff isn’t a term used to describe them, I am still very picky about the mechanical condition, but lets just say they may not always be real shiny and a little “open” clutter is okay.

I’m not sure when I will finish this.  I am at the lake and in a writing mood but I’m doing it on a laptop and I just don’t get along with these laptop keyboards.  Gotta remember to put a regular keyboard on my “lake list”.

We sold hers (car, not keyboard) the first summer she was sick; it was seldom driven.  She didn’t feel like driving and I was afraid I would drop a gum wrapper in the floor. She was in favor of selling it, but she had second thoughts after it was gone.  We planned to buy her a new one when she got well.  More than once I was tempted to try to buy it back.  It was kind of like giving a pet away; I kept reminding her that we had found it a good home.  It still resides at the same home and receives excellent care, thanks Brandi.

I did some more trading and by late 2010 we were down to one vehicle, I still have it.  It is something most rednecks would be proud to drive a kind of tall 4X4 pickup.  It served us well because we really weren’t out and about much and I could justify the macho looking rig, because with her illness I had to be able to get her to medical treatment regardless of weather conditions.

Last summer as her mobility started to deteriorate it became increasingly difficult for her to get in the pickup without help, it did nothing for her self esteem for me to help her get in.  I fully understood.  I went car shopping, online of course.  Macho or sporty looking weren’t part of the criteria; we needed something she could get in and out of without my help.  It needed to be roomy enough for her to be comfortable after she got in and I didn’t tell her but I needed it to be easy for me to load and unload her wheelchair.  I narrowed the list to three or four possibles and on a good day we went car shopping.  We bought the third one we looked at and she drove it home and was proud to have her own car again. It is a Chrysler Pacifica a crossover SUV, a fancy name for what we once called a station wagon.

A few days after we got it she made her last solo run, she had to go to the lab for blood work the day before we saw the Dr. each month.  She was having a pretty good day and made the trip alone.  I was a nervous wreck until she got home.  It was an excellent morale booster for her.  We got to run around a little bit in it and she could get in and out unassisted for a while.  Later it was easy for me to load and unload the wheel chair.

A couple months after we got it we made the tough decision to discontinue cancer treatment and start hospice.  They brought her home from the hospital in an ambulance.  I never said anything but it bothered me that maybe the last time she came home it was in that ambulance. A month or so later she had a pretty good day ; we pushed our luck and went to Seminole for lunch with her co-workers.  The last time she came home she wasn’t driving but she was sitting up in the front seat of her car. And yes that probably is a tearstain you see.

It is a perfectly good car, I still do most of my around town stuff in it.  I have driven it for seven months without Sharyl, I have tried to convince myself that it will be okay, it isn’t like living in the same house, we had happy times there; we bought this for one reason to accommodate her illness.  Sometimes when I look at the passenger seat I see her coming home that last trip. Yes I have a little case of car fever, I even stopped and kicked the tires on a possible replacement the other day; it was a Sunday so I didn’t have to listen to a pushy salesman.  I know what I am going to do; I just don’t know when.

On a lighter note; I have continued cleaning out the nooks and crannies; I bypassed the kitchen and moved to the utility room.  I found all kinds of things; I had forgotten she had her own little toolbox for hanging pictures etc. she said it was so she wouldn’t bother my stuff.  I really think it was so she wouldn’t get her hands dirty from handling my tools.  Most of the stuff I just put with my tools in the garage.  I will need to find a new home for the things pictured.  Macho has dropped way down my list of what is important in life, but (pardon the English) I ain’t usin those tools with the flowers, and that iron, I believe it is called, leaves funny looking burn shapes on my clothes especially my white shirts.

Please keep me in your prayers.

Good Night and God Bless.


3 thoughts on “Car Fever, Ever Had It?????????????

  1. Dave it is so good to read your blog and know how you are progressing it is just like visiting with you. Since you are getting the car fever if you consider selling what you bought Sharyl I might be interested with my fibromyalgia getting in and out is becoming a problem. Too high is hard too low is definitely hard, it needs to be just right. You know what I mean, so if you consider selling I might be interested. So glad everyone is doing better, think of the girls often, dreamed about Dava last night, it was a good dream. I have a letter I have saved from her that she wrote me when she was probably 7 or 8 it was fun running across it, those girls are precious. Have a great day and God Bless

  2. Ah yes ! Car fever ! I have it now in fact. I’m not sure exactly what “stage” I am in right now, but I was on the internet last night looking at ALL KINDS OF VEHICLES ! Most of them were 1956 thru 1966. WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU !!!!!!! I went to a large car show here in Wichita last weekend with my 8 year old grandson. Really gave me the FEVER !!!! After we sat in my ’37 for an hour because of the torrential rain, my grandson decided it was time to go see grandma. But, he did come back on Sunday to see more of the cars at the show ! I guess it is in the GENES.

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