Bouncing Around……

I’m at the lake. I guess it is part of the process, but when it gets dark here I need to write. I remembered to get a regular keyboard, I think all keyboards are a little different and require a little break in period, but it already feels much better than the laptop board.

I am making an effort to become a little more social, or get out and about a little more; after all I promised Sharyl I wouldn’t become a hermit.  This past weekend I went to a high school football game and two family gatherings.

I enjoyed the football game; I saw several friends, the young ones have kids playing and the old ones were there to watch their grandkids.  I was just there to watch a little football and to visit.  I left before the end of the game; I wanted to avoid post game traffic or maybe I was just ready to go.  I should have stayed; a girl kicker hit a 22-yard field goal in overtime to get the victory for my Tecumseh Savages.  Way to go Jennifer.

One of the family events was with my siblings and our families.  All five of us were there and more than half of the next generation, and some of the next generation.  It was the typical deal we had a lot of good food, swapped stories and smiled at the camera.  I think everyone had a good time; I know I did.  Thank you, Debra for hosting.

The other family gathering was not with my family in fact I have no idea who these people were.  I was just driving through this pretty nice neighborhood, I smelled barbeque and saw a group of people in the yard and didn’t think they would notice one more old man if he didn’t cause trouble.  Actually a friend invited me, she was hosting for her family.  I know part of her family but I wasn’t going to go because I sometimes don’t do well when I don’t know a lot of the people.  She insisted so I went, I renewed some old friendships, made a few new friends and had a good time.  Thanks for inviting me and insisting that I accept the invitation.

I mentioned I am at the lake.  The trip down left me a little confused about the economy.  I was excited as I came through Dustin; the store is open again so I can get a Red Bull if I want one, and girls if you don’t I ask I won’t tell you if I wanted one.  The police car is still manned; he didn’t need to visit with me today.  Things are looking up in Dustin. I felt good about the economy until I got to Longtown.  I believe the Pixie Woods store opened when Lake Eufaula was built about fifty years ago.  Today there was a sign advertising a liquidation sale.  Rumor is the economy may not be totally responsible for the Pixie Woods liquidation sale.

I won’t try to explain why (probably don’t need to) but when I am here I drink bottled water.  I didn’t take a written list when I went to Wally World, because of no list I forgot to get water.  At my age I almost need to take a written list when I go to the bathroom.  I had to go to the C store for water.  I bought a case of 24 bottles for five bucks.  I chuckled because I have fond memories of a time when I could buy a case of cold beer for five bucks but I couldn’t buy a case of bottled water at any price it just wasn’t available. Times do change.

I have written an entire blog about what I’m doing.  I’ve said nothing about how I’m doing; I’ll leave it that way.

I think the keyboard is ready for everyday use; ten bucks well spent.

Please keep me in your prayers.

Good Night and God Bless.


5 thoughts on “Bouncing Around……

  1. So happy you can refill on Red Bull & peanuts, we wouldn’t want you to have to actually eat a meal & rest a bit while traveling …. we’ll just stick to the ” don’t ask, don’t tell” policy!

  2. Dave,

    I am glad you are “out and about” more. It is really good for you that you are. I don’t know about this “red bull” stuff, because I have never had any. I know people who REALLY like it, but I have not had the pleasure. I was planning on coming to Tecumseh, and over Norman way this weekend, but not sure now. I had a little heat exhaustion problem yesterday, and I may just stay home a few more days before I go any where. ENJOY the lake, and do some visiting while you are there also.


  3. It was great to see you at the football game. Sorry we didn’t get to visit much but as you know and understand our grandkids are at the top of the list. They keep us busy going to volleyball game and 7th grade FB. It was so hot at the game,thanks for leaing your program for a fan. It was life saver. I owe you one!! Come to one of our homegames and I’ll pay you back. Keep up the great writing. I can relate to needing that list. Take care and God Bless!!! Mary

    • I always enjoy reading your blog and seeing how you’re doing. Your stories bring a smile, sometimes a tear. I found some pictures a while back of Dava, Lori, sharyl and bill when they were in Spiro to visit. Good times! Keep blogging and I’ll keep stopping by. You and the girls are in my prayers, always.

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