Quitting is Easy………

I started smoking when I was about 15 and continued to smoke until I was about 40.  Everyone says it is hard to quit, I didn’t find it difficult at all, and I probably quit more than a hundred times.  I have quit as many as two or three times the same day, quitting is easy, not starting again is a whole nother issue.  I went through the same process with the smokeless stuff, or dip as it is called here in redneck country.  It just didn’t take as many years to kick that habit.

I was 66 when I picked up this habit called blogging; I had been off cigarettes for 25 years and hadn’t had a dip in more than ten.  I am beginning to think this is just as addictive as the nicotine, however, the surgeon general hasn’t declared it to be hazardous to one’s health.  The only two health issues I see are: I sometimes deprive myself of sleep to write these things and there is always the chance that my words could offend the wrong people.

I have quit writing a few times the past six months, in fact I quit this week, but just like the smokes, staying quit seems to be a problem. I like to write and I need to write, again like the smokes, I liked to smoke and I thought I needed to smoke.

Why did I quit?  If you have read me very long you know I write from the heart and I don’t leave much in there.  I thought I was starting to get a little redundant, saying the same thing, just saying it a little differently.  I would like to change my style and write about the fun and exciting things I do every day, there have been periods in my life I could have written some interesting stuff, maybe those days will return but right now fun and exciting aren’t descriptive of my daily routine.

I spent some time last night reviewing what I have written the past few months.  I even went way back in the archives and looked at some of the “Mom Life Cancer” stuff.  I saw a lot of room for improvement in the way I handle the English language; but I didn’t see the redundancy I was expecting.  Maybe it was there, I just didn’t want to see it so I can keep writing.

I used a non-word “nother” in the first paragraph. I know I have a few grammar police that read what I write.  I didn’t use nother just to bug you.  I used it as a lead in to put in a plug for a blog I follow http://grammarbelle.com/ I think some of you will enjoy and appreciate what she has to say.  I provide her an unlimited supply of material.

I have to make one serious comment.  I talked about my almost 40 year addiction to nicotine; Sharyl never used tobacco of any form, not even one cigarette.  Why her and not me?

I am processing some thoughts for something a little more typical of what I usually do; they just need to stay on this side of the keyboard until I understand them well enough to share.

It is pretty obvious that I still need your prayers, and thanks for running down the road with me.

Good Night and God Bless.


9 thoughts on “Quitting is Easy………

    • Just thinking a about you. Decided to check your page. Glad to hear from you. Please keep on keeping on. That’s in a song of Mikes and I kinda like that.
      We still haven’t made it to the lake for beans and cornbread.

  1. I understand “nother” very well. So you can use it, and other “good” words anytime you like. Just PLEASE keep on ” writin’ ” !


  2. I look forward to your posts Dave. In fact, I was thinking the other day that you were overdue
    for a post. God bless all of you.

  3. It’s always good to hear from you and like Jerri said, it helps us too. So ,just keep on blogging!!! Don’t worry about the correct words. YOur friends don’t care and noone else matters. Tell it like it is!!!!

  4. Dave, This is Denise Qualls. I worked with Sharyl via Larry McMains law office in Seminole and treasured her friendship. She was a special lady. It takes time to get over death, divorce, smoking and many other things that come our way in life…sometimes more time than we think it should take; sometimes more time than we want to admit it is taking. For me, I write poems…as corny as they can be it keeps my mind busy and causes me to really focus on what my feelings were for the person, place, thing or matter I am paying tribute to. My poems are usually private. I revisit them from time to time…rewritting parts or adding more lines as new thoughts or reflections come to mind. I find this helps me preserve the person, place, thing, matter and myself. It also helps to show me how I’ve grown or changed and where I am with my life processing. Well, that was a lot to say to tell you don’t stop blogging! If it helps you, your learning from it and people interact with you…that’s great. Besides, as you pointed out the Surgeon General hasn’t issued a warning on blogging…at least not yet (^_^). Take care and keep focusing on Him! Still praying for you and the family. Denise

  5. First, I am thrilled you used “nother.” And I am really thrilled you gave me a plug and said such nice things about me. The admiration is mutual. I pray that you never, ever stop writing. I think you are more gifted than you realize; what you share must be tough for you, but it makes such a difference to those of us who read it.

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