Sweating The Petty Stuff…….

I took a little unplanned break.  Since I did that goofy New Years Eve thing I have had no desire to approach the keyboard; I am not sure I could have written my name.  That is the good thing about blogging, no schedule and no pressure.

I am in a writing mood tonight and have two completely different things in mind; one “from deep within the heart” and one “right off the top of my head” kind.  I think I’ll go off the top of my head; I really need to corral my thoughts a little more on the other thing.

I stopped in the grocery store last week just to grab a loaf of bread.  Sharyl fed me enough wheat bread that I now prefer it to the white stuff.  My favorite brand is either the first one I see, or if I have time to squeeze them, I get the freshest one.  This time I got one that advertised 45 calories per slice.

100_0232 (Small)


I thought of Sharyl and how proud she would be that I am eating healthy.  I threw a couple slices in the toaster, I figured out how they reduced the calories, they made the slices thinner. The 20 oz. loaf has 26 slices; a normal 20 oz loaf has 22 slices.  That stuff didn’t make good toast or sandwiches; I think the birds were OK with it.


I don’t know if your town has these “share the road” signs.


My town is kind of a bicycle town.  I understand what share the road means and I am courteous to the two-wheelers and don’t have a problem sharing with them.  Some of the cyclists apparently think it means, “If I am on the road it belongs to me.”  I frequently encounter them on a narrow hilly 2 lane (my normal route to “town”).  I think we should all obey the same traffic rules, some of them don’t agree.  Example: I patiently follow the bike until it is safe to pass, shortly after I pass I stop at a stop sign, he passes me on the right, runs the stop sign, regains the lead and we get to start the process all over again.

Another pet peeve associated with the road is the large number of drivers that have forgotten a simple procedure they were taught and demonstrated prior to obtaining a license. It is amazing how many people turn left or right into the wrong lane.  It is real simple just turn into the same lane you are turning from, left to the inside, right to the outside.  It isn’t a “woman driver”, “old people” or “kid” thing; no gender or age bias on my part, just a petty gripe.

The last place I’ll go is age related.  Frequently I see an old couple with their shopping cart on one side of the aisle, the two of them on the other side, one of them has the 28oz size the other has the 42oz size.  They are oblivious to the world around them as they try to decide which size is right for them.  It really doesn’t  upset because they are blocking the aisle. It isn’t just the shopping cart, I frequently see an old couple walking together, sitting in a restaurant, or maybe one of them helping the other get in the car and the list goes on. I know it is another of the things I need to get past, it goes way beyond petty; I sometimes feel cheated and actually get mad because Sharyl and I didn’t have the opportunity to get old together.

Thanks for listening and say a prayer for me.

Good Night and God Bless.






3 thoughts on “Sweating The Petty Stuff…….

  1. How did you know ALL of my pet peeves ? It is amazing, and you described them so well. Another one I have is people parking in handicapped spaces when it appears to me someone else in their family must be handicapped, because THEY SURE AREN’T !!!!! This seems to happen a lot in Wichita. I will probably get into an altercation someday when I question the wrong person about their disabilty and ask them to show me their permit card.

    You are in our prayers.


  2. ah, pet peeves……we all have them…… I don’t have a handicap card, but can’t walk without oxygen and so I am grateful to friends who do have them. I’m sure at a distance, I do look healthy. My doctor surely wants me to walk ! Right now, I’m on steroids and I really have a lot of peeves…. I too am walking the single trail and sometimes resent it greatly.

    Take care….. I can’t say it gets “better”…… it becomes more comfortable.
    Always in my prayers…..

  3. Gosh Dave, I think you just described Dennis and me at the grocery story.!!! Come over this week and watch a game of Tecumseh basketball with us, We play Jones Friday night for Homecoming and Prague Saturday night. We can eat at Gliori’s before the game.

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