One Year.

Four years and a couple months ago Sharyl and I had our world turned upside down.  We suddenly and unexpectedly realized we were at war with this god-awful thing called cancer.

One year ago today that war ended, cancer won.  I know I have said it before and I probably will say it again.  Sometimes it seems like yesterday, sometimes it seems like a very long time ago.  The pain is still very intense and very real.

They say the first year is the hardest.  I don’t know who “they” are so I don’t know if they speak from experience or from the top of their heads. It seems logical that the first year would be the hardest and today wasn’t as difficult as one year ago.  Like a lot of other things, one size doesn’t fit all; each situation is unique.  I know I still love her dearly and miss her every day.

Our family is forty days away from the first anniversary of the devastating and tragic loss of Conner. I hope “they” are right and we do in fact have the worst behind us.  I know I don’t say much about Conner; I can’t, maybe someday.  I love you big guy; I miss you like crazy.  Take good care of your Maw Maw.

I needed to write tonight and I had something totally different in mind.  It didn’t work out and is now in the recycle bin.

I understand what I tried to say.  I hope you do.

Please consider a donation to the cancer research organization of your choice and if you don’t mind could you say a prayer for me.

Good Night and God Bless.


7 thoughts on “One Year.

  1. Dave,
    You have been in my thoughts and prayers. I hope this coming year is filled with happy memories but also happy days!


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