A Little Bit Impulsive!!!!

I have always been a little bit impulsive, not so much with the big or major things in life but the little things.  Maybe that is just another way to say I am not self-disciplined enough or just don’t like to plan my leisure time.  I was fortunate because Sharyl shared that spontaneity.  Her illness forced a lot of changes; we had to plan a little bit and to have a lot more structure in our lives.  I think I forgot how fun it is to be impulsive.

The last time I was here I talked about starting to do things because I wanted to.  I think some of the impulsiveness is also returning.

Last Saturday evening I decided I would like to have Sunday lunch at BJ’s, not the one on the other side of town.  I wanted to go to BJ’s in Lewisville, Texas.  If Sharyl would have been here she probably would have looked at me like I was crazy and said “you wanta do what?”  She would have given it a moment’s thought and said, “Let me change clothes and get my purse.”

Many times the trip is more fun than the destination, thanks to GB and Deb, this time the destination was more fun than the trip. I may just go back to Lewisville for lunch or maybe dinner someday.

A few weeks ago while I was at the lake I started one of the boats. It just seemed like the thing to do at the time.  I didn’t bother to pull one little plug and drain the water out of the engine before I came home; after all I was going back in a couple days.

Before I left Lewisville I checked the weather forecast. I got a little bit nervous about what those freezing temperatures could do to my baby.  You guessed it, instead of I 35 north I took US 69/75 northeast for about three and a half hours.

Trust me on this one.  If you need to go from McKinney, TX to McAlester, OK don’t do it on Sunday afternoon. Almost everyone is in a hurry (it would be better if everyone was); traffic is bumper to bumper.  There are a lot of little towns and all those little towns have city police playing “cops and speeders”.  Caney, OK population 199 and not even visible from the highway had not one but two police cars on the highway, I guess they were keeping the citizens of Caney safe.

I spent about five minutes with the boat; found my way up to I 40; set the cruise at an appropriate speed and started the last two hours of my little Sunday drive.  I did dinner at a Subway in the convenience store; you know the one that is always at the next exit on the Interstate.

I am still planning (everything is not spontaneous) that little run I talked about a couple or three posts ago.  The weather has delayed that one.  I want to go north and take care of a couple of bucket list items.  I guess the Sunday drive (535 miles) provided a little training; kind of like getting ready to run a marathon, but I don’t run.

You probably guessed by now that I’m having one of those nights.   Can’t sleep so I might as well take out my frustration on this old keyboard.

I hope your Easter holiday is everything you want it to be. Please keep me in your prayers.

Good Night and God Bless.


5 thoughts on “A Little Bit Impulsive!!!!

  1. I love the unplanned spur of the moment trips. I usually go by myself, and just do really nothing but drive and stop at the most unusual unique places. Like a salvage yard, or an interesting looking dirt road I saw a mile back. I turn around and go see where the road goes. My family calls it “galavanting around”. Dad and I would drive 100s of mile on a moments notice to go to Wister to eat at a buffet. These trips are good for my soul! If you head north, come see me. I am like Palladin, “Have Car Will Travel” !!


  2. You are in my prayers!! Hope you take that trip and work on that bucket list!! See you this spring at the lake, I hope!

  3. Hey, I finally have a little car….. not great, but 4 wheels and fair gas mileage…. will be doing some quick trips of my own…My sister lives with me now, so maybe she will go and maybe not…..but at least I can go at will.

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