Round Two Begins……….

Round two in a couple of ways.  I hadn’t really thought about it but I did my first entry on this Random Thoughts blog one year ago.

The round two I really had on my mind is one of those “they say” things; you know the one when they say “it gets easier” and I still don’t know who “they” are.  I have previously mentioned the three holidays our family is always together and do our traditional things.   I should also include birthdays, anniversaries & Mothers Day.  Easter is the first one of those we have seen a second time without Sharyl and Conner.

I really don’t know what I was expecting, but for some reason I was surprised when my morning started as one of the bad ones, those are becoming less frequent but I still have them.  For some goofy reason when I put the ham in the oven; it hit me that it wasn’t my job to put the thing in the oven all I did was slice it and eat at least my share.

They didn’t say it would be a great day, they just said it would get easier.

They were right.  We were all at our house for lunch.  The food was very good (even the part I did) and as usual we had way too much of it.

We have always colored some eggs and hunted some eggs after lunch.  We did that today.  I’m not sure who hid the things.  Most of us think we are too old to hunt them; today Luke and Lori hunted.  I think Luke found more eggs but it is possible that Lori had more fun.  I know I had enjoyed watching Lori have a little fun.

Yes, we all saw the empty chairs, and I’m sure we always will but it was a little easier.

I am including a few pics.  Please give me a break they are just quick snapshots; I didn’t have time to edit them.





I have been talking about a little road trip to get my thoughts together and also to take care of some bucket list stuff.  That trip has begun.  About the time the kids got out of the driveway today; I packed a bag and hit the road.  I am doing this from a cheap hotel in southwest Missouri.  I hope the trip (probably 3 or 4 days) provides enough interesting things for a blog or two.  What I really hope is that I get things figured out, I don’t know if that ever fully happens for any of us.

I hope your Easter was everything you wanted it to be.  Please say a prayer for me and please consider a donation to the Cancer research organization of your choice.

Good Night and God Bless.


7 thoughts on “Round Two Begins……….

  1. Great pictures…they don’t need editing. If you get out our way on your trip, you know you don’t need an invitation, stop by.

  2. If you get any answers, let me know the secret…. I not only am still trying to figure out the answers, I don’t know if I know the questions. Keep me in your prayers for Cris… I need lots of patience and kindness and those aren’t my strong points. I love her, but life is really changed in my house. Take care enjoy….. come through Claremore….. give a shout !

  3. Have a safe and enjoyable trip
    PS- I did extra time on the treadmill today just to keep u up to speed. You should fell exhausted!!

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