Getting Through the Teens! Backward!

When I named this thing “Random Thoughts”, I really didn’t have anything this random in mind.  Some of you may even suggest I find something more productive to do on these nights when sleep doesn’t happen.

Recently I did a complete post on this little weight loss kick I am on.  I am not going rehash that tonight; at least I don’t think I am.  Last week the scale stopped at TWO ONE TWO.  I hadn’t seen that in years and I hadn’t thought of getting through the teens as a milestone.  It suddenly became one and caused me to reflect and I guess even compare it to my journey through my teenage years.

I became a teen on June 17, ’55.  I think it was just another hot and dusty summer day down on the farm.  I even did a quick Google look at that day hoping to find some important world event.  The fact I celebrated my 13th birthday was about as important as anything I found.  I did a similar look at June 17, ’62.  Same thing, it might as well have said, “Dave is no longer a teenager.”

I entered the teen era as a shy, chubby, pot bellied kid, probably riding my bike as fast as it would go down that dusty road   I have had the pot belly all my life, I don’t know why I think I can lose it now.

Almost without fail, today when a kid has that 13th someone says to his mom, “Oh no a teenager or another teenager in the house”.  I don’t think anyone said that to my mom; I don’t think teenager was a four-letter word then.  Maybe my generation caused that.  We progressed through adolescence watching movies called “Rebel Without a Cause” and listening to guys like Elvis, Little Richard, Fats Domino and Chuck Berry sing this new stuff called Rock and Roll.  The country was between wars; except for that long running cold one we had with the Soviet Union.  Maybe the good life did kind of spoil us and give future teens a bad rap.

My exit from those teen years was kind of like the entrance, just another hot summer day. I’m sure the Kool Aid had a little more kick and instead of the bicycle I was probably going way too fast down some strip of asphalt in an old white convertible.

I was still a little shy (I guess I still am) and still had the potbelly. Neither the entrance into the teen years nor the exit was particularly memorable; the change was subtle and gradual.  The sum of that change was significant; the guy that came out the other end of that tunnel didn’t resemble the one that went in.

Those years were filled with experiences I could share, most of it routine and boring, some of it typical and predictable, some of it you wouldn’t believe any way.  You guessed right I’m not gonna go there; at least not tonight. .

There is a major difference between the teen years and this weight loss deal.  You just do the years one time, no do-overs.

I may need to do it again with a few of those pounds.  I have had a good run socially the past week, but those social functions have placed me in close contact with some ribs, brisket, enchiladas, pulled pork and the list goes on.  I could say I tried to be good but I really didn’t, I just enjoyed eating for a few days.  I spent a couple days at the lake; I don’t have scales at the lake and I don’t want scales at the lake.  I didn’t just eat while I was there; I did some major boat maintenance in the heat.  I came home yesterday, the scale reading this morning brought a smile but I think dehydration from the time in the heat got most of the credit.  If the scale could talk, tomorrow it might say, “One at a time please”.  Oh well, I lost it once; I can do it again if I want to.

I needed to write tonight and I dug awfully deep to compare losing seven little pounds with seven of the most formative years of my life.  If you are still reading, please accept a sincere thank you.

Good Night and God Bless.


3 thoughts on “Getting Through the Teens! Backward!

  1. Thanks for reminiscing about teen years. Mine were similar and I will always cherish them. They were good to me!!!!

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