Fried What???

I have been to the Fairgrounds in OKC on numerous occasions the last thirty years.  I have gone to fishin’ tackle shows, car shows, ball games, computer sales, and tennis shoe sales . . ..  I got the timing right last week and made it there when the fair was in session, I think the last time I did that was in the very early 80s.  Sharyl wasn’t a big fan of the fair and I could take it or leave it, so we just kind of quit going.  I probably owe the girls an apology for that too.

I’ll get back to the fair in a second.  I just heard David Letterman say: “I’m not as smart as I ought to be for as much talking as I do.”  If we change “talking to “writing” I believe that would apply to me.

As a wide-eyed 7th grader I rode the big yellow bus to my first state fair in ’54; it was also the first year the fair was held at the present location.  We arrived early and stayed late, I don’t remember but I am sure the entire day cost me less than twenty bucks.  This year I stayed about 3 or 4 hours and spent $18 for a corndog, lemonade and a cinnamon roll, if I would have gotten pecans for the roll it would have taken the entire twenty.

For the next 15 or 20 years I usually fit a trip to the fair into my schedule.  Those visits became more expensive and without going into detail they also became more exciting.  Just a couple examples; one year I lost a day’s wages trying to win a three dollar teddy bear for my date.  Another time I lost my lunch trying to impress my date by riding the Roto Zip or whatever they called it three consecutive times.  I think the date on both occasions was Sharyl, those of you who knew her know how impressed the always-sensible Sharyl was.

People watching has always been one of my hobbies.  There is no better place than a fair to watch the folks; there is an endless supply of all types.  This year I was there early in the day and I think the ratio of “real interesting” to “somewhat normal” increases proportionally as the day progresses.  That doesn’t mean I didn’t see some of those kind.  I overheard what appeared to be the head of household of one of those groups say:  “We better get going, we have to go put on some decent clothes so we can go to Wal Mart.”

If my memory is correct (no comments please) 30 years ago deep-fried food was pretty much limited to corn dogs and funnel cakes.  I won’t attempt to compile a list of the fried stuff they have now; I think somewhere they sell fried sweat sox on a stick and there is probably a line.  The slogan should and may be “Fry it and They Will Come.”

I only ate the previously mentioned corn dog and roll.  Some of that other stuff looked pretty good but my consumption of fried foods the past few months has been almost zilch.  I didn’t want to risk losing my lunch just walking by the Roto Zip so I didn’t try the fried cheesecake, mashed potatoes or Twinkies.

I bought a wallet from a lady from Wisconsin and a couple signs from some people from somewhere.  I also bought an Aussie hat from a lady from our 50th state; I may see if it will keep the midnight sun out of my eyes up in our 49th state.

I went the day after senior citizens day; the admission was higher but all those elderly people didn’t surround me.

I took some pics with my phone, you guessed right I am going to share a few of them.


Last time I was there I rode this

Last time I was there I rode this.

Ever wondered what made a fountain work?  Just add water

Ever wondered what made a fountain work? Just add water

I remember when this was a busy place.

I remember when this was a busy place.

Not even noon, a line for fried mashed potatoes.

Not even noon, a line for fried mashed potatoes.


I think they were left over from senior day.  Out of focus but i had to be quick

I think they were left over from senior day. Out of focus but i had to be quick

I think these guys were here in '54

I think these guys were here in ’54

The pic says it all

The pic says it all

It was early

It was early

The Hat

The Hat

Still around

Still around

I will probably go again next year; I will probably go later in the day or maybe even on the weekend.  People watching is better.

Please say a prayer for me and consider a donation to the cancer research organization of you r choice.

Good Night and God Bless.


4 thoughts on “Fried What???

  1. Jackie and I were at the Kansas State Fair weekend before last. We were working the Lions Club Wellness trailer checking blood pressure, glucose, hearing, and eye sight for children. We did the same thing last year, which was the first time we had been to a State Fair in at least 25 years. We had a great time and plan on making it an annual event. You are right about people watching. It is AMAZING the people you can see !!!


  2. I have difficulty walking now with the oxygen and old age…. but I went to the free fair here… much smaller…. Tulsa’s starts this week….. Hot Shot always said to go the first couple of days while the grease is fresh…. Indian tacos and corn on the cob are my favorites….I’ve taken Red Cross volunteers, seniors, and Stepping Stones Mental Health clients to the state fair…. it was fun….

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