Twenty Two.

I needed to write last night.  I wanted to write last night.  I did write last night.  What I wrote just didn’t make it to your side of the keyboard; if I didn’t empty the recycle bin it may still be in there somewhere.  What I wrote was a little too personal and probably invaded the privacy of some people I love very much.  I did one of those from the bottom of the heart things that probably would have filled a total stranger’s eyes with tears.

I think I’ll take a second and empty that recycle bin; we don’t want that thing to get out of there.

You see, yesterday marked the 22nd anniversary of Sharyl and I becoming members of one of life’s greatest fraternities.  We became grandparents.

A year ago I spent number 21 with Cale in Morgantown, West Virginia.  I think the 1,000-mile separation helped shield me from the emotional impact.  I felt it full force yesterday.

Last year as I left Morgantown the following 3 paragraphs were part of my blog:

 Wednesday morning I looked in the rearview mirror as I merged with traffic on Interstate 79; I didn’t see the hilly town with the crooked and narrow streets.  When Morgantown became a city it wasn’t about north, south, east and west.  It was about following the terrain and getting from point A to point B, that practice has continued.  It really is a pretty town.

I saw a reflection of the past 21 years.  I saw the good times and the other times, a lot of smiles and also the tears.  I saw a young man of whom I am very proud.  He was on his way to class to continue his education, then to baseball practice to pursue the dream, and maybe some dinner about 8:30.  I said a little prayer thanking god and his mom and dad for the young man he has become.

I looked through the windshield, and yes I saw the Appalachian Mountains, the fall colors just beginning to evolve, but my focus was on the future.  I saw a family; a very close-knit family beginning to regain their emotional balance and footing and learn to walk again. With god’s continued help I am confident we will be OK, never the same but OK.

We have made some progress.  The road hasn’t been smooth, there have been bumps, detours and dead ends but our balance and footing are better than they were a year ago.  As I said last year: With god’s continued help I am confident we will be OK, never the same but OK.

Everything I said about Cale still applies.  He now attends class and throws the baseball at Oklahoma City University.  Sometimes eight months rest for a tired arm can work wonders. This appears to be one of those times.  I would like to say “Go Chiefs” but I guess I better be politically correct and current and say “Go Stars”.

I looked at a bunch of pictures yesterday.  I hope it’s OK if I share a couple.



As always, please remember me in prayer.

Good Night and God Bless.


7 thoughts on “Twenty Two.

  1. Dave, the time moves on, the hurt never does. Or missing the times you should be spending with them, or having them there as they grow older and wiser and just missing their smile. May God bless you and keep you.

  2. Your writing always moves me. The silly posts , Fried What, and the serious….. know that you are loved and cared for very much.

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