A Streak Ends…

There was no standing ovation, no victory trot around the stadium, no fanfare of any kind. A streak quietly ended at my house today. I don’t know for sure when it started; we don’t keep that kind of records; I know it was more than five years ago.
During Sharyl’s illness the one constant request in my nightly prayer was for the strength and health to care for her as long as she needed my help. I didn’t get the answer I wanted to most of my prayers during that time but that one request was granted and for that I will be forever grateful.
Disregarding a minor “back tweak” a few months ago that slowed me a little I didn’t have a down day. The streak ended today. I am sick, nothing serious, just a case of what I call the crud. I am not needed much anymore but if someone would have needed me today they would have been out of luck.
I am kicked back in my recliner doing this on the iPad. I just don’t have the energy to take the four steps over to a real computer and keyboard.
I’m not complaining about today, just taking a different approach to express my appreciation for the five good years. The elderly aren’t usually so fortunate.
I should be back on my feet in a day or two. I have one of those “from the heart” things spinning. I sure don’t want to attempt it on the iPad. If I don’t misplace my notes maybe I can get it to your side of the keyboard when this crud goes away.
Good Night and God Bless.

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