It Doesn’t Bother Me Bother Me . . .

If you heard/felt a rumble, that probably at least registered on the Richter scale, don’t be alarmed. It wasn’t an earthquake or an explosion; it was just the cabin walls imploding on a senile old man. Those imploding walls are one of the symptoms of extremely advanced stages of cabin fever.
Some other symptoms are:
Eating six meals a day and supplementing those with frequent snacks.
Curling up in the fetal position and sobbing or screaming.
Straightening the sock drawer again today.
Watching The Brady Bunch again just to pass some time until The Price is Right reruns come on.
Having long controversial conversations with oneself, and feeling good about winning the argument.
Doing laundry for the third consecutive day in a one-person household.
Posting meaningless stuff on Facebook, oh wait I don’t think we can blame that one on cabin fever.
Those are just a few symptoms in my cabin. If the fever comes to your cabin try not to let it bother you; it certainly doesn’t bother me bother me bother me . . .

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