Bot What??????????

Have you ever needed to be two places at the same time? I think we all have. Back when I had a day job that included airports and hotels, and I had that weekend rodeo habit, I really needed for that to happen a few times. But try as we might it just isn’t possible.

I need, or maybe I just want to be three places Saturday. If I couldn’t do two when I was young, I sure can’t do three at the same time now. I guess it is time to make a decision.

The Choices: Botball, Weightlifting or Baseball

Luke’s Cleveland Elementary Botball team will be competing in a tournament here in Norman, Braxton will be lifting weights in Little Rock and Cale has a baseball doubleheader in OKC.

My comfort zone tells me baseball. I wasn’t good enough to play the game but I have watched a few hundred of them over the years and I am at home at the ballpark. I understand the language and kind of know when to yell and when to shut up and sometimes the popcorn is good.

I didn’t even know how to spell Botball. I knew they had those contests but I didn’t know Luke was into that sort of thing.. For some of you approaching my age it is a contest to see who has built and programmed the best robot. I find it intriguing; if only I were 50 or 60 years younger I might be good at something like that.

I have two of those weightlifting things behind me; one in Missouri the other just south of the Red River. I am beginning to understand the difference between a “clean and jerk” and a “snatch”. I still need my calculator to convert kilos to pounds so I kind of know how heavy those things really are. The only weightlifting experience in my past was throwing 100 pound bales of alfalfa hay on the truck and I have loaded a few pretty heavy black diamond watermelons on the midnight shift.

Baseball was eliminated early. There will be another game next week and the next and it is probably going to rain or snow anyway.

Eliminating one of the other two was tough. I have never been to a Botball deal and I think it would be interesting; Norman, Oklahoma is a lot closer than Little Rock, Arkansas. The down side, I’m not sure how my nerves would react to a full day with a gym full of young computer programmers, not to mention the smell (excluding my grandkid of course).

I haven’t been on a road trip in a while and except for that quick lunch stop in Mena in November it has been even longer since I have been to Arkansas. There is a whole bunch of sweaty people in a gym at the weightlifting deals but I will only be there a couple hours and you guys have been enough miles with me to know I kind of like the open road.

If I may borrow the title to an old Ferlin Husky song,” I Hear Little Rock Callin’”. Sorry Luke and Cale, I’ll catch you guys another time.

I thought I better steer this thing back toward the lighter side; thanks for making the trip.

Keep me in your prayers.

Good Night and God Bless.


2 thoughts on “Bot What??????????

  1. Enjoy Little Rock. Sounds like a trip I would like to make. I was through Little Rock last year on my way to Bowling Green, Kentucky. Didn’t stop, just drove through. Watching a “clean and jerk” is a lot better than buckin’ bales ! But not as much fun as “requisitioning” midnight watermellons!!! Have fun !


  2. It’s good to have choices! And honestly I don’t think you could have gone wrong with any of those fun opportunities!

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