As MY World Turns…..

I did one of these early in the “Random Thoughts” run titled getting back to normal or establishing a new normal or something like that. The point being that getting back to normal was not an option; I needed to establish a new normal.
I think I have done that, just please understand that my new normal is somewhat abnormal and continues to evolve.

Life, or to follow the title “My World” has slowly become kind of a fun place to be. Sure I still spend a lot of time at home alone but except for those cold gray Sunday afternoons like yesterday, I think those will always be tough, I am even OK with that. I spend a lot of time with friends and family or just running down the road. Those times are what makes it fun again.

If this one gets to your side of the keyboard please give me a break. I am doing it from my favorite writing venue, my lake place, however I am doing it on my iPad with a neat little WordPress App. My trusty old laptop and good keyboard are here too. Remember that abnormal I mentioned.

Last time I was here I talked about botball, baseball, weightlifting and Little Rock. I stopped here on my way to The weightlifting deal in Little Rock. Lake houses have a summertime and a winter time shutdown and startup procedure. The winter process is more complicated, especially for an over analyzing do it yourselfer, it’s ok for me to say that.

Part of that process is to simply turn on the water, make sure the hot water tank is full and flip the breaker to the on position, in a little while it will be possible to take a hot shower. I did that along with the other things on the mental list. I then went to dinner with a friend, we had a good dinner and a good time but I came home early.

Google said it was 3 1/2 hours from here to Little Rock; I needed to be there at 10:00 in the am, meaning I had to get up earlier than my new normal time. I turned the hot water faucet in preparation for the nightly personal hygiene routine. Surprise, no hot water, no hot shower and definitely no cold shower. Thank god I was going to a gym full of sweaty weight lifters; I don’t think anyone knew it was me.

I was sure all I needed to do was replace the upper element, wait a few minutes and take that refreshing hot shower. All I needed was a new element and that special little wrench that every good do it yourselfer (spellcheck doesn’t like yourselfer I’m gonna use it anyway) has. I knew I had one at home but just to be sure I would get one for here; the silly things just cost about seven bucks.

The Lowe’s in Conway, AR had the element but they were out of the wrench; not to worry I probably had a wrench here or I could get innovative. I’m not gonna bore you with details or maybe I don’t want to give you that kind of laugh at my expense. Two days later after touring western Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma hunting that stupid little wrench and replacing everything on the water heater I found a busted pipe. It is hard to heat running water.

That shower I tried to take Friday night finally happened about noon Monday. So goes the life of a hardheaded old do it yourselfer. Some things in the new normal are very much like the old normal. There was a time not so long ago that a failed water heater wouldn’t have made the top ten on my problem list. Things are OK in my world if that water heater deal was at the top of the problem list.

The rest of the lake run was good. We even took one boat on a little shakedown cruise, after I had that shower of course. It was cold but it was also fun.

A quick recap on baseball, botball, and weight lifting. Luke and his buddies finished 3rd out of 35 teams in the botball competition. Braxton qualified for nationals and set a new personal best in Little Rock and Cale is pitching well, his record is 4 wins and 1 loss.

I know, that’s not very exciting stuff but that is my world today and I kind of like it. A plan is starting to come together for some real fun and exciting stuff just over the hill and around the bend. More on that later.

Hope this works. Good Night and God Bless!


2 thoughts on “As MY World Turns…..

  1. I am glad you are doing some things you enjoy…………………and yes, somethings that are not so fun but necessary!!!! lol

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