Is That A Green Thumb????

If I get the light just right I believe there is just a hint of green, or maybe not, I should know more in a couple months or maybe weeks if it goes real bad.

Thumb (Small)

The past few years my flower beds have found their way into several of my blog posts. I have told you about my plan to return them to the days when Sharyl was in charge of flower beds. I must confess, it was false promises, there has been no improvement, the things have continued to deteriorate and the only maintenance they have received came from a big Weed Eater and a garden sprayer filled with Round Up.

I don’t have a before picture, you should probably thank me for that, I do have a now picture I will share. I am hopeful the thing will be deserving of an after picture, however I am not confident and please save me the embarrassment, don’t ask.

I really had good intentions all those other times. I just didn’t have sufficient motivation and I didn’t have a clue where to start and if you don’t know where to start you sure as heck don’t know how to finish the thing. My only involvement in “our” flower beds was to carry some mulch or some fertilizer (uh oh I forgot the fertilizer) and put it where I was told or maybe dig a hole or sharpen Sharyl’s hoe. I did nothing technical and certainly made no decisions.

I think my motivation came in the form of peer pressure. I see one friends home a couple times a week, his flower beds are always very presentable, maybe not yard of the week nice (sorry Richard) but they look good. I kicked back in the shade and watched another friend as she started the transformation of her flower beds from that “it’s been a long winter” look to a “welcome to spring” look. I thought, if they can do that surely I can.

I usually call on my girls for direction for those household chores their mom did. This time I was out of luck, one of them was expecting me to advise her, the other hires a gardener.

I analyzed where I was and where I wanted to go, then lowered the standards about three times and set what I hope is a realistic goal for year one. I had two plants in the bed that were tough enough to survive all those years of weed eater and round up, I didn’t know what they were but I wanted some more of those. I also didn’t want any of those little things like periwinkles and impatiens that I would need to plant again next year.

I tore a little twig off one of those survivors, put it in my pocket and made my way to the garden center. I found a match for the survivor, Nandina, added some Azaleas, Hosta and Day Lilies. I also picked up some landscape fabric and a bunch of mulch, that stuff should reduce the requirement for weed eater and round up. I don’t get as nervous in the garden department as I do in household goods or heaven forbid Hobby Lobby but I’m sure not as comfortable as I am in hardware, electronics or NAPA.

As uncomfortable and unsure as I was shopping I figured out real quick that was the easy part. The physical labor involved in getting the ground ready was way more than I anticipated. The next issue was deciding where all this stuff should go. Hosta, Azalea, Nandina or maybe the Nandina over there and the Day Lily over here. Grammar check sure doesn’t like that last sentence, deal with it OK. I got it laid out to my satisfaction and got an opinion and approval from a couple experts before I actually planted them, thanks Patty and Becky. I’m not sure how knowledgeable they really are but my definition of an expert is someone that knows more than I do about a given subject or thing; I have even been called an expert a few times in my life; I don’t remember the field but I know it wasn’t flower beds.

The finished product; well it is almost finished I still need to trim some of the excess landscape fabric. I would have already done that but I can’t find my scissors; I have looked everywhere except under the landscape fabric. Maybe I’ll just buy another pair.

Flowerbed 2 (Small)

One note of caution, if you can avoid it don’t try to put down landscape fabric alone on a windy day.

I have four more flower beds but I think this year I’ll continue with Weed Eater and Round Up routine or maybe some Monkey Grass in one of them.

Thanks for spending some time in my little world; keep me in your prayers.

Good Night and God Bless.


3 thoughts on “Is That A Green Thumb????

  1. I understand where you are coming from on flower beds! I have just completed adding four rain barrels to our house gutters to collect water for our flowers. If the rain comes tonight I will be the proud owner of 260 gallons of FREE (?) water. Hope the barrels don’t leak!!!!


  2. Charles did mine….. I started a veg garden last year….. don’t know if I can breathe well enough to do it this year…… going to go check it out…..see about what needs to be done

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