Doin Some Laundry…

How about that title to build some suspense and excitement.
It is Monday about noon and we are back in Anchorage doing exactly what the title says. It may be Tuesday or Wednesday before I get this written and posted.
We went down south for two or three days. We spent time in Homer and Seward. I thought we we might be the only people to go to the fishing capital of the world and didn’t fish, but we saw a couple in Seward yesterday, like us, they were in Homer the previous day, they didn’t fish.
We just kicked back and enjoyed our time in Homer. We did some people watching on the Spit, an excellent place for that sort of thing. Our hotel was right on the beach, not the white sand and sunshine you visualize when you think of a beachfront hotel, but dark almost black sand and a lot of rocks. The tide was out, we spent a pleasant hour or so just kicking rocks, sand and a little,salt water. The weather was nice, a light jacket kind of day.
We stopped at the Saturday Farmers Market. The folks in Homer know how to do a farmers market; beautiful homegrown veggies, we even saw a cabbage named Stella, crafts some jewelry, art and a guy with a ukulele was tuning up for live music as we were leaving.
Visiting Seward wasn’t on our original schedule. We listened to a recommendation and rearranged the schedule, good call. Honestly, if we have a better day during our visit I will be surprised.
We took an all day (9 hours) wildlife and glacier viewing tour aboard the Viewfinder through the Kenai Fjords. It was a small boat, I think 40 or so passengers. If we hadn’t even seen glaciers,or wildlife the scenery was worth the cost of the trip.
I’m sure I will forget something but we got a reasonably close look at a bald eagle, sea otters, sea lions, it almost looked as if the sea lions were waiting for the boat to come by so they could put on a little show. Some porpoises played with the boat for a few minutes. Two Humpback whales put on a heck of a show for several minutes, we actually left before the performance ended.
We left early to maybe get a look at a pod of Orcas. And get a look we did, we found, not one but three pods of Orcas traveling together, it is hard to count them when they are on the move but there was at least 17 or 18.
As the day progressed we encountered several more Humpbacks, a wide variety of birds; with the exception of Puffins and Sea gulls I don’t remember off the top of,my head what all we saw; I think Patty knows.
A large group of Harbor Seals were enjoying the sunshine in front of one of the glaciers.
The glaciers were very interesting and attractive, one of them was popping cracking and releasing large chunks of ice into the bay. I sure there is a name for that sort of thing, but this old southern redneck doesn’t know about that.
We have enjoyed our two stops in Anchorage. Prior to going south we visited the Native Heritage Center. That was a very entertaining and educational experience.
It is now Monday the laundry is washed, dried, folded and packed. We finished that in time to spend about four hours at a hidden gem, The Anchorage Museum. If you are ever in Anchorage allow at least a half day and longer if you can find time in your schedule.
Downtown Anchorage is kind of a,neat place, just fun to walk around and kill a little time even in the rain.
I am going to try to get a few pics of,our day yesterday to work actually what I hope is the first one is a pic of the Eagles in Ketchikan, I think there are four of them in the tree.
I tried, honest I did. The pics didn’t work and I have already put the laptop in the car tonight, doing this on the iPad. I will give it another go maybe tomorrow night. I have some decent unedited pics of the Whales and some of the other wildlife.
We leave Anchorage tomorrow. We will be in the Talkeetna area for a couple days, we aren’t sure what we will find to do there, but it should be interesting.
Good Night and God Bless.
Dave and Patty

4 thoughts on “Doin Some Laundry…

  1. Greetings Dave and Patty, Sounds like a wonderful trip. On your way to Talkeetna, you may want stop by the Iditarod Museum near Wasilla. It is the starting point for the Iditarod. I know Patty has read a book on the race. When we went there, the son of the man who started the Iditarod was there, and we talked to him for a while. Interesting that the man who started it came from Oklahoma. Safe travels and keep writing.

  2. Going to work harder at saving for an Alaskan “getaway!” Happy that you guys are there and admittedly envious!

  3. Sounds like the trip of a life time! Happy to hear that both of you are really enjoying yourselves. Can’t wait to see the next posting. Linda

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