OOPS and PICS!!!

Let me do the oops first. Patty said I understated the number of Orcas we saw and overstated the number of people on the boat. She got her numbers from the boat captain; I got mine off the top of my head. I think we’ll go with her’s There was only about 25 people on the boat and we saw at least 30 Orcas.

I have a bunch of pictures re-sized and available tonight. I’m not sure how many of them I am patient enough to do, we’ll see. They are still unedited, just like they came from the camera.

The first one or two are the eagles on Ketchikan.
20140728_142 (Small)

20140728_149 (Small)

One from the Mendenhall Glacier at Juneau.
20140728_200 (Small)

A Pacific Sunset
20140728_190 (Small)

The next bunch are from the boat ride out of Seward
An Eagle and a bad shot of a porpoise
20140728_244 (Small)

20140728_273 (Small)
Sea Lions and Shoreline

20140728_292 (Small)

20140728_296 (Small)

20140728_318 (Small)

20140728_322 (Small)
One I like and a Humpback putting on a show

20140728_341 (Small)

20140728_375 (Small)

20140728_405 (Small)

20140728_407 (Small)

The Orcas20140728_416 (Small)

20140728_417 (Small)

20140728_419 (Small)

20140728_425 (Small)

20140728_432 (Small)

20140728_436 (Small)

20140728_439 (Small)

20140728_441 (Small)
Landscape, Glaciers and Harbor Seals

20140728_449 (Small)

20140728_452 (Small)

20140728_460 (Small)

20140728_469 (Small)

20140728_472 (Small)

20140728_497 (Small)
A series of a Humpback
20140728_559 (Small)

20140728_560 (Small)

20140728_561 (Small)
I think I better quit tonight before I jam the system.
I have some more from that run and some from today. We are in Talkeetna for a couple days.
Yes, I know this one is pretty crude and thrown together and I didnt even take the time to proofread it.
Good Night and God Bless.
Dave and Patty

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