Thank You, Little Red Car!!!!!!!!!!

I have had a lot of bad habits over the years and yes some of them are still with me.  Without a doubt the longest running of those habits, I drive too fast.  I started driving legally in 1958; I think when the license examiner got out of the car I exceeded the speed limit on my way home.  Probably 90% of the miles I have driven have been above the speed limit; I have paid a lot of fines and could paper a wall with warning tickets.  I can truthfully say I never got a ticket I didn’t deserve, and I never complained; to use an old cliché’ “If you’re going to dance you got to pay the fiddler”.

Sometimes you get lucky and get behind another speeder or to use an old CB radio term pickup a “front door”, he takes the risk.  Most of the time I am the front door probably because I’m too picky to use one, I have to do it my way.

I came to the lake today, not to get away from the heat it is a hundred and something here too; I just needed to look at some different walls.  Just outside Seminole, don’t ask about Norman to Seminole, they really need to make that four lane; but as I was leaving Seminole there was a little red car in front of me with a few cars in front of it. My first thought was “this may be a long trip” The little red car passes when he should and I pass when I can.  I soon realize that this guy or gal knows how to drive and I am blessed with a good “front door”, we drive 80 to 90 when it is safe and don’t take goofy chances, I didn’t tailgate but I didn’t need to be concerned with anything but following the little red car.  I enjoyed the drive, just relaxed and gathered my thoughts.

I followed the little red car to within about 10 miles of my destination, I started to follow him when he turned to say thanks and compliment him or her on their driving ability, but I don’t think they even knew I was there, that is one of the unwritten rules when using a front door, be polite and discreet.

If it were 40 yeas ago in the CB radio heyday I might have said something like “Thanks for the front door good buddy. You keep the shiny side up and the dirty side down and maybe we’ll catch you on the turnaround.”

I said I was going to try to write more about what I’m doing and less about how I’m doing.  Just a note on how I’m doing, I was probably a little optimistic last Sunday, things didn’t stay quite that good, but hey two steps forward and slide back one is still progress.

Please continue to keep me in your prayers.

Good Night and God Bless.


One thought on “Thank You, Little Red Car!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Hey good Buddy thanks for the info ! I will catch you on the flip !!!!!!


    Liberal Bee Jays are playing in the National Baseball Congress Tournament in Wichita starting today and lasting the next 10 days. Liberal plays around 7:30 tonight.

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