Summertime Blues :( :(

My first car was a 1946 Ford; Fords from that era had a tendency to “vapor lock” during the hot summer months.  I will do you a favor and spare you the technical description of vapor lock, but when it happened you were stranded until the fuel system cooled a little.  I sometimes carried a jug of ice water to pour on the fuel pump to temporarily remedy the problem, in fact most old ladies; my mom among them carried the ice water and knew where to apply it. Strategically placed clothes pins or a grapefruit were other home remedies.

All that to say I think I have suffered a little vapor lock the past few days; I would have had trouble even writing my name.  If it is okay I will include my somber mood with the multitude of things we blame on the hot dry weather.

About two weeks ago I made a statement something about taking a big step and crossing a threshold.  I think the statement was a little premature, probably wishful thinking based on a couple good days at critical time. I don’t think big steps are a part of this process; enough “baby steps” will get you there.

I’ll continue to blame the weather a little, but things have been kind of slow in my life, not a lot of things interesting enough to share.

I had dinner with some old and dear friends last week, and yes they are old, they also have been friends a long time.  The baked beans were average at best everything else was very good.  Those deals are more about the friends and fellowship than about the food anyway.  If they don’t get too upset that I said they were old maybe we can do it again soon.

Today I visited with some other old friends I hadn’t seen in a few years.  It is still difficult for me seeing people for the first time since the loss of Sharyl and Conner.  It is getting easier but I don’t know when or if it will ever be easy.

The last time I did one of these I was at the lake.  I intended to put the boat in the water, it didn’t work out.  Because of the hot dry weather the lake level is a few feet below normal; making it more difficult to launch a boat; especially by myself at the not really intended to be a boat ramp that I use.  If I would have had that gal with me that I used to run with I think we could have gotten it done, you see the lady could back a trailer.

She always backed the trailer in when we unloaded and when we loaded.  The little ramp we use was originally a country road before the lake was built and is not very wide, the parking lot is about what you would expect for that kind of ramp.

We came in one day and there were 3 or 4 rednecks (I think two of them answered to Bubba) in the parking lot; I let her out and I noticed the expression on their faces as she walked up to get the pickup and trailer, they were looking forward to watching this woman try to get the trailer in the water. I have included a sketch because I don’t think I can explain the maneuver she had to do to get to the water.  She had to do a 180-degree turn in reverse to get to the ramp.  She calmly got in and backed it in the water without ever pulling forward to get straightened out.  I am pretty good with a trailer and I don’t think I could do it one time out of ten and it would have taken her at least ten tries to repeat the maneuver.  The expressions on their faces as we pulled up the ramp were priceless.

Please don’t read anything into this next statement.  If and that is a very big if I ever seek female companionship to spend time with at the lake; one requirement will be; she has to know how or be willing to learn to back a trailer.

Probably by the time I get this posted it will be tomorrow and that is a very special day for me; it is my favorite grand daughter’s birthday.  She sometimes reads what I have to say here; so just in case Happy 18th Ry, I love you!

Maybe next week a little rain and cooler weather; it is amazing what that does for these summertime blues.

Please keep me in your prayers.

Good Night and God Bless.


11 thoughts on “Summertime Blues :( :(

  1. I think we all have the summertime blues, Dave. A little rain and a few cool nights would sure work wonders for my mood!

  2. Not sure about the old people you hang with. Lol. It was a very enjoyable evening and yes we will do it again soon.

  3. Dave, ANY baked beans are GOOD baked beans! You can tell I am an OKIE! I don’t remember teaching Sharyl to drive, and I know I didn’t teach her to back a trailer, but she could do anything she ever set her mind out to do. I do remember teaching Suzi to drive, but that is a whole nother situation!!!!!!!!!

    I used to carry lots of clothes pins attached to gas lines and wet rags around fuel pumps. Fond ( ? ) memories !

    Yes, backing a trailer is a prerequisite.


    • dave- I enjoyed our Mexican meal the other day and of course the company and
      our old memories. The stories we could tell. And yes, my first car was a 56 Pointiac and the fuel line looked like my grandmothers outside cloths line

  4. Hey Dave, enjoy reading you “Random Thoughts”. Steve L and I often think of you at work. Take care buddy, hope to see you soon. God Bless!

  5. I wish I had gotten the back-up the trailer gene. I am impressed. I only go places with the trailer that do not require backing. Gets me in trouble sometimes. Wish Sharyl was here to teach me. Wish many things. Can’t believe Rylie is 18-send her birthday greetings-a little belated.

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