File It, Pitch It or Just Pile It….

The title could apply to many things, just so the imagination doesn’t get out of hand, I’m talking about the massive amount of paper required to run a household.  Prior to her illness, Sharyl took care of that stuff at our house; while she was sick we helped each other do it her way. It is now mine to deal with.

I know the amount of mail hasn’t increased, but I don’t remember ever seeing piles of paper all over the house.  I’m not talking about junk mail; I’ve learned to recognize that stuff and pitch it or shred it immediately.  I always pitch the “Resident” stuff and shred or pitch the other stuff as appropriate, or at least put in the garage near the shredder.

I think I talked about this in a previous blog and didn’t know mail could be considered “clutter”.

Sharyl either pitched it or filed it almost immediately, and she didn’t pitch much of it.  I am a little more, I looked hard for another word but the only one that applies is, indecisive.  It is easy to say someone else is indecisive, but to say that about me takes some real effort.

The problem with pitching it too soon is obvious.  The only problem with filing it is, there comes a time when it should be “unfiled” (spellchecker doesn’t know about unfiled).  I Spent some time this week shredding some bank statements, cancelled checks, credit card statements, medical statements, etc.  I know on the 3rd of August 1992, we paid Texaco $41.56 with check #596.  That same week Sharyl spent $4.37 for lunch at her favorite sandwich shop, the next day she apparently entertained a client because lunch was $13.87.

I actually got rid of most of the old stuff a couple years ago I had just overlooked a little of it.

I don’t know if my system is better because at this point I really don’t have a system.  A few months ago I converted one of our bedrooms to an office with a small desk from which to conduct household business.  Things were getting lost on my computer desk, way too much going on there to stay well enough organized to run the household.

This week I started to pay some bills.  I didn’t have room on my new desk to write a check; I had to go to the den and use my computer desk.  That served as a wakeup call; I now have room on that desk to write a check.  I pitched most of it, filed some of it and yes there is still a small pile awaiting my decision.

I am doing more things online or paperless and I have implemented some new rules for the paper things.  The only problem I see is someone needs to make me follow the new rules.  I am seriously considering going completely paperless by scanning everything and keeping a digital copy, then the new question.  Scan it and pitch it or just pitch it?

I really do have bigger problems.  I just felt like sharing a little of the light side tonight.

Please keep me in your prayers.

Good Night and God Bless.


2 thoughts on “File It, Pitch It or Just Pile It….

  1. I like the ” light side ” and have the same filing problems here. I can sympathize with you. Jackie takes care of the bills here, but her filing system is ” not the best “. Dare I say the previous ? Let’s keep this a secret.


  2. I’m a flat surface filler…… if there is nothing on it…. I feel the need to put something on it…..and you know the end result….. but I have had to learn to file so I can find really important stuff….

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